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Beyond this world is the Garden of Souls

Updated: Sep 7, 2021

Concept M Westerlund & Art Dedic Risalahati, Indonesia

Many referred clients have great worry, physical illness, economic issues and social problems. When the money was rolling in from the stock market, the new house was ready to be moved into and the wedding planned, there was likely not a single thought spared to existential questions, life after death or other people’s pain and suffering.

When the personal economy has been ruined, the marriage dissolved and a close relative has suddenly died, there is naturally a psychological, spiritual and physical reaction.

Not all people have invested time and energy in precautionary measures. I have myself done the same mistaken. This obviously has a price. The soul ends up in crisis, while happy pills are prescribed by the doctors.

A few lucky ones get free counselling or sometimes also cognitive therapy, yet the suffering continues, often because the treatment methods focus on the symptoms and not the source.

In an increasingly stressed and performance focused world time becomes a scarce resource. There is simply not enough money to give the client 1½ hours to talk about their issues. Prescriptions can be necessary, but with spiritual suffering, people just become an illusionary shortcut away from frustration, desensitization, anger and more pain. That is when the individual also start to search for alternative methods.

The engagement of the individual creates conditions for a more constructive, long term healing. In my own opinion the higher consciousness under hypnosis gives the possibility of closing in on the ultimate source of suffering. The symptoms then become secondary to the treatment method’s real goal.

Just like a surgeon removes blast shards from an injured body, the therapist must mentally/spiritually/psychologically remove the charged trauma from the individual soul. These dreadful traumas created by fathers raping their daughters, women’s fear after being murdered in a past life, the loss of children from illness, the soldiers experience of violence from war, or violence against a wife in life upon life. All of this needs to be handled carefully, respectfully and without judgement. Such work requires courage, patience, imagination and energy. Sometimes the road to recovery begins in the Garden of Souls.

This garden is unique to each individual. Again and again I have seen how people during their first contact in the Garden of Souls experience reunion, love and joy. It cannot really be described, only experienced.

One such exceptional experience was when Roxanne lost her father during her hypnotherapy. Roxanne suffered from a difficult relapsing depressions. She had told me at the beginning of our contact that she was distressed by a conflict with her siblings. One of her sisters had alcohol issues and she was insistent that Roxanne would not have the energy to attend her father’s funeral.

‘Oh, I am by a fountain and I can see my father sitting there with my mother and Roger and his side,’ Roxanne said. ‘Who is Roger?’ I asked. ‘He was my brother who died twenty years ago in connection with a seizure… he was twenty-three years old. My father looks happy and healthy. He is smiling, and he is no longer in a wheelchair. He looks young. He tells me that we should make his funeral a celebration of life… he wants us to stop fighting and to be together… he already knew before he died that I would come to the Garden…’

Roxanne did not only attend her father’s funeral, she also wrote a long, and very beautiful, speech. The funeral came together as her father had wished and the family members managed to avoid any conflict with each other.


A fiftyfive year old woman, who had lost her husband, described her first experience from the Garden of Souls. She was thoroughly detailed in her descriptions of both the souls and guides she met as well as the environment.

‘I am walking through a wonderful garden with jasmine and honeysuckle. It feels so pleasant. Hmm… I meet an old woman with black hair… dark blue clothes and big blue eyes… her name is Helen.’


An eighteen year old woman had been sexually abused by her uncle as a nine year old. Her father also abused her for a year until she finally told her best friend everything. Kate’s treatment was successful and she was able to completely free herself from all the anxiety caused by years of abuse.

‘I walk through a garden. There are red, yellow and lilac flowers. Trees, green grass, crystal clear water, and it is a wonderful, calm and relaxed environment. Mm… I meet my mother’s grandfather Jim. He has been dead for a long time. He tells me a bit about my mother’s childhood, especially the trip they took by carriage down to Walton-on–the-Naze.’


Keith had been referred by his GP due to panic anxiety. During the treatment a recurring theme was Keith’s conflict with his father. When Keith concluded the treatment after five sessions he had completely recovered from his troubles.

‘I am in a garden. My father stands in front of me. He tells me that he did not want to come here, but that he came because I wished it. He tells me that he left the family because my mother knew a secret. Dad was not my real dad, and his wife knew this. He tells me that he is proud of me and that I should never leave my children like he did. Before he leaves he tells me that he is busy meeting friends and that he was surprised to discover he had a consciousness after his death.’

During a later session Keith met his father in the garden again. This time the meeting was more light and joyful.

‘My father tells me that he was asked by his guides to go to the garden again. That is why he knew of the meeting in advance.’

Keith and his dad managed to mend their relationship, and Keith was relieved to be able to forgive his father’s disappearance. A disappearance which had played a major role in his young life.


A recently retired English woman suddenly started to breathe violently. She seemed shaken by something which occurred during the session.

‘Oh… I have walked through the garden and I suddenly meet dad. He embraces me. We do not even need to speak to each other. He knew that I would come here and that it would happen through this session.’

Before she left she almost started crying due to the experience, yet she radiated genuine happiness.

Illustration: Dedic Risalahati, Indonesia Text: Dr M Westerlund from Garden of Souls, Afterlife

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