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The planet is in danger

View from Above
Above Earth

This woman turned out to have very vivid pictures and detailed information about our planet and how things seems to develop. I have collected some information from different sessions.

“This is like, it’s weird. This is like a….you got a window on the earth…yeah…so it’s like you can look…you can look down on what’s happening on earth at a time.”
“I see. Then you can look down on earth now…and what is it…”
“I can look at the whole world….”
“And I am sure he has taken us there to show us something. What is that?”
“It’s sort of things…really hard to put in to words, because…I find it difficult to express…but it’s like the planet earth is in trouble…”
“Which we know.”
“Which we know. At the moment it looks like a beautiful jewel.”

“There is a danger that…hmm…souls may not be able to live there!”
“Yes. And is that dangerous physically or spiritually?”
“It’s because…ehhh…human isn’t perfect and it makes these really stupid mistakes, and it doesn’t deal with physical problems the way it should be dealt with, to save the earth.”
“So what he shows us, is that we will have more earthquakes, Tzunamis, nuclear world warfare…what is it?”
“Oh it’s a combination of all those things…it could make the entire planet inhabitable.”

“….mmm ….what’s happening in the world is people…peoples spiritual souls are going to be lost and we need to be there for them. ”
“And when you say lost, do you mean that people are going to die?”
“Yes…but not all will die…”
“So what we have seen, Tzunamis taking 300 000 lives, earthquakes taking another few hundred thousands, just a half million people gone within….”
“It will speed up.”
“Yes. Just the beginning of something more difficult?”
“And you know that….”
“I think…I think….I don’t know…it has something to do with the crumbling of capitalism in the western society…and terrorism…and it’s bombers conflict and natural disaster…and it’s going to be terrible.”

“How big is the risk now do you think?”
“It’s growing…very dangerous times.”

“So, is there any safe place on the earth at all?”
“Only a pyramid”, laughing slightly.”
“Why a pyramid?”
“To be untouched by….by….by in the pyramid.”
“Because the pyramids have been there for thousands of years.”
“They are the safest place to be.”
“Inside the pyramid?”

In another part she continued her journey.

“Desire to eat, desire to hunt, desire to mate, desire…”
“You need some of those things, but you shouldn’t focus on them, you got stop focusing, people…not you…because you’re aware…people focus far too much on their basic needs…and then they are not focusing on spiritual needs, which are in a way more important”

“In this world today, people, people are not in touch with their inner beings, and they are not in touch with their spiritual side at all, and many of them haven’t put the ability to understand what’s going on. So people like me are important, because…people …I touch peoples lives. Where I touch someone’s life it changes them…and I have always done that.”

“Yes, particularly in the Western World….and the Western World has super powers, has nuclear powers, has the power to completely devastate the rest of the earth….and western people have no time in their life for their spirits…and they need to be saved from that. They need to be brought back…to realize that they have a spiritual side.”

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