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Image by Ondrej Machart

Photo: Ondrej Machart

Here Elisabeth, a Swedish woman, is talking about a life in Australia during a PLR (Past Life Regression). It contains a few pieces of very interesting accounts from this life.

“I have hardly any clothes, almost nothing on me. My skin is brown, dark…they have….curly hair”, she said.
”Are their noses broad”, I asked almost pre-empting her answer .
”Yes they are broad. There are only boys and men around the fireplace – the women are further away in the background. Its very dry…” she answered after several minutes.
“Where are you?”
”Ohhh, its Australia, but I have never been there….the tribe feels so secure. Everybody help each other”, she answered.
“Look in to the eyes of all the people around the fireplace? Do you recognize anyone from this life?”
”Yes, its like we are all one family.”

“My scientific brain wants to test her, since I know that she has never been to Australia. I will ask her how aborigines clean themselves in the desert. It’s a good and difficult one. I know since they told me when I went to Australia 20 years ago”, I thought.

” Elisabet, you are walking with the tribe. What are you doing? What is your task”, I asked.”
”I go first.”.
”Are you leading the others?””
”I am very good at finding”.
”Do you have any children? Do you have a wife?”.”
Elisabet went silent for a long time.
”No, she died.”.
”She died”, I asked.
”Through illness or accident”, I asked slowly.
”Some sort of animal attacked her”, she said.

”You are back there now. Your wife is in front of you. Look in to her yes. Who do you recognize?”
”Oh, it’s my mother”, she said.
”Tell me Elisabet how do you wash yourself in the desert?”
Elisabet went quiet for a long time. I thought she was unable to answer. Suddenly she continued:
”Yes, its sand. We wash ourselves with sand”.
Elisbeth was right.

“What year is it?”
“608 AD,” she answered without a hint of hesitation.
”You and the tribe has reached your goal. What are you doing?”
”We reach the water.”
”Water. Are there any animals?”.
”Yes, but they run away when we arrive”, she says.

”You have now reached your most important point in this life. What are you doing?”.
”I am lonely. The others are a bit away.”
”What are you doing”, I ask curiously.
”I am giving birth to my baby”, she answers..
Surprised I continue;
”In the sand?”
”Yes, but I am under a tree. It’s a son”
”You can see your child clearly now. Look through the eyes. Is it someone you know?”
”I can see my brother in this life”.

Time and light has brought you forward. Your child has grown. What are you doing?”
”Walking with the tribe”, she answers.
”Is your son with you?”.
”What does he become later?”
”He becomes the finder of water.”
”MmmmI I am painting lines with my stone. I have a stick which I use to paint with.”
”Do you have any sort of paint? “
”It’s a dark colour.”
”We are now approaching your death in Australia?.”
”Are you scared, I asked.”
”Not at all!”.
”What does the dream walker tell you about death?”.
”That we will all meet again.”

”I am old”.
”Are you alone?”
”I am lying down on the sand. The others are all around me”..
”Are they holding you?”.
”You are dead now. How was your life?”.
”It was a good life.”.

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