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Departure for life

Peaceful Newborn

Many people report from after life, that there seem to be a lot of preparations before departure for life. A soul is often given one particular life, but other have options to choose from different lives, even on different continents. Language, spirituality, politics or countries is of no concern. A life is something extremely valuable, that should be honoured and made the best possible of. When people report from after-life’s Place of Departure, it seems just as busy as an airport. People are coming home (dying) and others are eager to leave for a new exciting life. A few might feel apprehensive and concerned, since they know that their lives are going to be difficult ones!

Some clients report about “preparation” classes, when soul groups and their teachers meet to discuss certain lives, and the main objective for those souls involved. A man might say to his female soul-mate:

“When the moment comes, I will travel to Brazil from London. It seems like a coincident, but you embark the same plane in Madrid, since we unexpectedly go there due to a sick passenger. When you get the seat next to me, you must trust your intuition, and your feelings. If you don’t we might have to wait for another 15 years before another chance appears….”

A clients report from a preparation class might look like this:

“There is a very advanced teacher here today. He talks about the risk of becoming too much attracted by the dense body and physical issues. They are short lived and usually serving the lower self. Memory blocks are always in place, otherwise no learning would take place. Only advanced souls will know in advance….we are discussing how this group of people will die! We are all going to die in a terrorist attack…..we all feel excited if we can make this without becoming too much attracted by the dense gravity of life itself….our attachments….I can see my wife from my last life, my grandfather and my two daughters. We will all be part of this…..”

Many souls are happy to go back to earth since they want to change, develop and grow. Of course souls change gender in order to learn, but usually many souls have a preference for one gender. In order to learn and understand females, a male choose to re-incarnate as a woman. This gives him a challenge, and if he raped a woman in a previous life, this will be a good opportunity to learn. Some souls may become gay/lesbian, because the power of the soul is stronger than the power of sex!

Some research (Prof. Ian Stevenson ) indicates that people that die very young, due to sudden instant death or violence, might reborn or re-incarnate somewhat faster than a soul leaving a ”normal” life behind.

When I ask people how they know when to leave and how they leave, many answers:

“I just know it’s time, and I just go. It just happens….”

How and when the soul enters the womb, you can read about under The Womb.

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