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Giving Birth

Image by sandro mattei

Laila was deeply in love with her catholic priest. She felt that her love was unconditional but yet impossible express physically. As a priest with the orthodox Catholic Church he was expected to stay faithful to his wife and children. By leaving his wife he wouldn’t not only lose his job, he would be expected to leave the church as well. They knew about their mutual love, but yet Laila felt this aching pain in her chest, longing and wishing to express her true nature.

The Chairs necklace during Lailas visit to the Council of Elders

After passing through her childhood, and experiencing her souls need to protect her parents, she soon found herself in a life somewhere in Italy.

“I’m a young woman…my name is Sara and I’m about 20 years old…she can’t walk very well since there is something wrong with her legs….she is carrying something on her head….she is walking down to get some water….The place is Serrano in the south of Italy…..the year is 1458”

“She fell down….the water is so deep….there was a man…he tried to help her…..yes…she drowned”, she said.

The man was a priest, and he was the same man she was now deeply in love with.

We moved on to the “Gateway” by moving through the tunnel. There was a light by the end of the tunnel, and there were people greeting you when you came back “HOME”.

In between you told me how we were travelling among the stars. That was something that moved me, something that made me happy. You seemed to enjoy that.

It was easy for Laila to go to the council, maybe because she has trained her spiritual side so much through her work in the orthodox catholic church. She is a very spiritual, sensitive and loving woman. She agreed to go to the Council of Elders.

She described many old beings and the chair was a woman.  The Chair had a necklace made of leaves around her neck. I gave Laila an instruction to take a “snap-shot” of the necklace.

She reported that the council was very happy and when Laila asked about her future they sang LOVE, LOVE, LOVE. According to Laila it was almost like a choir singing love, love, over and over again.

At the end of the session Laila kept talking about pain by the lower end of her stomach. Since I thought about her perhaps being pregnant without telling me in advance, or talking about a wish to become pregnant, I felt slightly confused. Apparently I misunderstood her own experience. She continued.

“She’s coming out soon…she is beautiful….the light is round…”.

Laila then told me that she had given birth to a spiritual being. This was the first time any clients have ever reported about something like a spiritual birth. I still don’t know what all this meant.

Authors comment:


It is often reported that when a person try to save another person’s life, a karmic bond is established. This bond will sooner or later have to be dealt with by the souls involved. It is possible that this could have been the event leading up to Lailas present experience with the orthodox catholic priest.

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