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Canada 1630

Image by John Lee
1630 in Canada

This account of a life i Canada, was given by a woman who suffered from years of anxiety. As is often the case with souls in different lives, she had many lives where she worked with jewellery, art or beads. Souls often seem to have at least on theme that reoccurs in past and life’s to come.

It is 1630 AD and this must be Canada. We were never at war, because we lived in Canada! There is water not far from my tribe, and my father is a good hunter with his spear. He also use the knife to cut up the carcass. He tries to teach my brother how to use bow and arrows, but he think that my brother’s string isn’t tight enough.

It is a good life. We get everything we need from the nature, and we share everything we make. My mother taught me how to prepare the skins, and she has taught me how to make beautiful beads from bones. I carve circles, horses, lakes, mountains and trees. These beads are just around the waist of males. My father doesn’t have any feather in his hair, but a band around his head.

My father decided, and I then got married to Handsfull. My husband was very kind, understanding and pleasant. He was inventive, and he thought he was good. He was a good man. We had one child, a daughter. Women used to carry their babies in wooden cages on their back.

I was killed by the age of 30 when the tribe was hunting the buffaloes. Suddenly the herd turned direction and they came my way. My husband lived a long life. We were very spiritual. We believed that the spirits could help us. The white Bear is the father of all bear spirits. He proves that spirits exist. I would be happy to go back.

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