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Preparing for Life

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How souls prepare for life

Independently of each other people refer to the preparation class, room or gathering, where they prepare for a life to come. Many souls refer to their soul group and how the group receive teaching and training before a life is going to take place. It happens that a group of people prepare for a specifically challenging event, where they all happily together with their teachers and Masters, prepare to die in a major aeroplane crash.

Others share more common theme where certain experiences are needed in order to grow an develop as a soul. Family members alternate being parents, children, lovers or abusers. Once in a while two souls that are very close are allowed to live a life without challenges, just to experience peace, love and happiness. But these are usually exceptions, because life on planet Earth is usually painful, hard and extremely challenging.

These preparation classes seem to prepare each individual soul for his/her role, once reborn. All acting souls need to accept having their memories being blocked once reborn, otherwise the experience of life itself, wouldn’t give an opportunity for growth and change. Some souls refer to specific moments they train for, eg. a certain soul is keen to make an impact once he/she meet his/her friend in a junction of life. That moment might be crucial for their journey together as a couple, friends or even enemies.

The preparation classes outline the general plan for a group of people, and what they have all agreed to achieve. This would of course put our experiences in life in a different light when we know that we generally only consider our conscious side as important. Now and then of course, do we experience precognitive dreams, sense this immense gut feeling that something is right/wrong, déjà vu or even for fractions of moments manage to have access to the true plan through our super-consciousness.

If we for a moment considered that some of the things that happens are part of a bigger plan, then we would perhaps be more cautious about blaming others for our own misfortune. It might be part of the soul’s learning curve, which often is different from our bodies strong instincts, behaviour and needs.

Many souls seems to agree that it isn’t a problem preparing for a life, but actually sticking to the plan, and not get side-tracked by all the temptation surrounding us. A body is dense, slow and primitive, which makes the challenge even more demanding for a soul re-incarnating.

The preparation classes are important since every soul has a free choice of participating or not. Some souls find life on planet Earth just too painful and demanding, and they prefer working from the spiritual realm.

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