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Privacy Policy

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In light of the sacred and spiritual work LBL therapists facilitate, they never permit considerations of religion, nationality, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, age, disability, politics or social standing.

• In the sacred quest to provide a meaningful LBL experience, all skills, training, and experience are used to reconnect you to the loving wisdom of the spirit world. In recognition of the intuitive nature of LBL facilitation, practitioners remain open to spiritual guidance when conducting sessions.

• Practitioners provide their clients with a safe and caring professional environment. The profound trust inherent in the client-practitioner relationship is respected, and therefore each LBL session is conducted with courtesy, sensitivity, and patience.

• Informed consent is always obtained from clients after imparting clearly and honestly the range of experiences that may be realized in an LBL session. Financial policies are declared in advance, and fee arrangements are resolved before beginning a session.

• Individual advertising and promotional campaigns are truthful, and realistic statements are made regarding client outcomes. Personal qualifications are communicated clearly; factual information on relevant certifications and professional affiliations is fully disclosed to clients and prospective clients upon request.

• Complete confidentiality is honoured and maintained for each client. All client-practitioner communications are confidential. Client permission must be granted when recording a session and when sharing or publishing session material. Records are preserved in a secure environment to ensure privacy.

• The purity of LBL therapy as a stand-alone discipline is protected.

• In order to expand the understanding and practice of LBL therapy, practitioners may share session records with other colleagues and research departments after appropriate permissions have been obtained. Practitioners stay informed of new advances in the field by participating in LBL-Groups, attending trainings, conducting research, and pursuing other relevant educational opportunities whenever possible.

• Practitioners honour collegial relationships. Practitioners speak respectfully of colleagues, and will not solicit another practitioner’s clients.

• As ambassador of LBL therapy, practitioners work to illuminate public awareness regarding LBL therapy. Practitioners conduct themselves in such a manner as to uphold the integrity of LBL therapy  above any individual.

Privacy policy

Every client can expect an absolute confidentiality. Clients that have been treated through NHS do not find any notes within their normal medical records. LBL notes are kept strictly confidential. Clients can have copies of their own hypnotherapy notes, and information from sessions are released only after consent.

Courts normally dismiss evidence given through hypnotherapy.

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