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Energy systems

Accounts from the future could easily be dismissed as nonsense and suggestions brought to live by the facilitator. My opinion is different. I leave the rest up to you. This account of a Swedish woman’s journey in to the future is remarkable since she start describing something we all have to do. Work!

”I am dressed in a white overall. There is some sort of text over my chest. We are many people working on this device. It’s very advanced. I don’t understand”, she said.
After instructions to relax and by using certain instructions, she continues.
“Of course, I know now. We are working on light energy. We are developing space technology in order to achieve the speed of light.”
“Do humans travel far in space?”
“Yes, but no one ever returns”, she answered.
“It takes too long!”
“Do humans get as old as now?”
“Yes”, Elisabeth answered calm and confident.

”I am working together with other engineers. We are developing a machine which will be important for the Earths energy system and space travelling. We have some sort of….black rods…we put them in to a cylinder. It’s very complicated”, she continues.

”How do you manage to solve the problem?”
She seemed confused. Tiny pieces of information simply took 5 – 10 minutes to relay back. It was almost like someone communicating from a distant planet.

“Hmmm, it has something to do with alien civilizations…”
“There are three different alien races know on Earth….”
“We are using black small cylinders gently put in to a cylinder.”

We then travelled a few years forward just to check if they achieved their primary objective.

“Did you complete the machine?”
“Yes, eventually we did. It’s being used in order to enhance space travelling and it has given the planet a more safe energy source”, she answered with a very happy voice.
“Has this improved the environment?”
“Yes, it’s better now.”
“How do you communicate with each other?”
“We have small boxes in our pockets. You can hear someone talking very clearly. ”, Elisabeth said.

”Right. Now I assume you have some form of technology or computers. How do you receive that information?”
”Our computers are extremely small. The pictures are not presented on any screens. They are relayed directly on the walls”, she said.

Affected by my own generations desire to control, check and use double-blind control-studies, I had to get something more. I asked Elisabeth if she could see historical events, and then 9/11 in New York became a starting point.
“Do you see any other attacks coming?”
“Mmm, I see August 2021, some sort of gas accident. The country is dry and flat, but no, I can’t see which country. It’s all very muddled”, she said.

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