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Healing the Queen

“I think we are kindred spirits.”
“And what does he do this man?….Long pause…Is he a statue or is he a real man.”
“There is a statue and there is a real man.”
“A real man?”
“A real man. The man who’s my kindred spirit he is a priest.”
“And when you look at him, do you recognize him? Have you seen him before or in this life”
“Ammmm, yes it is strange, I think he might be my father.”
“Ahh, I see.”
“He looks like my father.”
“And when you now look through his eyes, what does he tell you?”
“He looks like my father, but the colour of the eyes aren’t right. The face like my father but not the colour of the eyes.”
Instructions for her to move closer. She is an Observer!
“Now you see him really close! Is it still your father?”
“Yeah, I think…mm I got the eye colour wrong, because he has black around his eyes…yes.”
“What does he do there?”
“He is a healer.”
“He’s a healer.”
“And why have you come to see your father?”
“He’s my father from this world.”
“He’s your father from this world, I see.”
“He’s not my father in Egypt….he’s my father in…”
“Your spiritual father?”
“And who are you now visiting? This woman dressed in blue who are you?”

“Who is this woman visiting her father in the temple. Who is she? Visiting the healer.”
“I think I am a Queen….that’s ridiculous…I’ve been a Queen before.”
“That’s all right. Just accept it as it is. If you fell that it’s true, then you just accept it. Why have you come to see this healer? What is it that is wrong with you? Are you sick?………….LONG LONG PAUSE …….What is it you want from the healer, your spiritual father? You can’t get on earth….you have come to see him because there is something particular you want. Isn’t that right?”
“And what is that?”
“It’s my soul, my souls is very unhappy.”
“I know why it’s unhappy. I know why you are unhappy. If yo are a Queen, you came with others, and you came to ask for help. Isn’t that right?”
“That’s right.”
“And the Farao and the Queen they pay….”
“I have……very heavy heart….and very unhappy.”
“Look at yourself and the Farao. Why are you unhappy?.”

Long, long pause.

“My souls is very unhappy and my heart is very unhappy…because…we have no children..”
“You have no children.”
“I am deeply unhappy.”
“You have no children.”
“And I am deeply, deeply unhappy.”
“And then, who do they send you to see? Whom do they tell you to see? Do they offer you someone that can heal you, that can help you?”
“There is a chance…”
“And who is that?”

Instructions to stay in front of the healer.
“We just have to accept how things are Claire, I didn’t ask for this.”
“ Neither did I.”
“They prepared you for this. ”

“He’s afraid.”
“He’s afraid?”
“Why is he afraid?”
“He’s afraid he might fail.”
“What do you think might happen if he fails?”
“Farao will have him executed.”
“Because he fails?”
“Mmmm…..because he couldn’t help his wife, because…..I can’t put it into words because it’s such a strong emotion…”
“It’s alright.”
“Very strong emotion…because the Farao will be very, very angry.”
“Are you sitting in front of him with some of your guards, other people, other priests?”
“There are guards with us and other women… my servants.”
“Are you under any circumstances allowed to stay alone with this priest?”
“It is like a meeting…this is to discuss possibilities…”
“I see. Possibilities of what he can do?”
What does he tell you he can do?…..Now I am going to do something very unusual. I am going to instruct you to go in to this priest, because you can do that.”

“I am him looking at me now…”
“But I can hear the language, but I can’t speak it. I can hear it…really understand it but I can’t say it now.”
“If you translate I it in to your own language, what does he say?”
“I’m listening…..”

An extreme long pause followed during several minutes!

“He say it’s a great honour and privilege and very humbling to be asked to heal me, and that he can use…he has a gift to sip (?) natural power…which he can click on.”
“Where has he been given that from?”
“It’s from…it’s something out there in the Universe…”
“I see. Does he ask you to allow him to use it?”
“He has to ask the Faraos permission to use it only.”
“Does he get it?”
“Yes…it’s…this…mmmm…this supernatural power; it’s come from something that is not on the earth. It’s not….it’s alien.”
“Is it a tool or is it energy?”
“It’s a mmmm…from another world.”
“Is it a tool they keep in the temple or is it something…?”
“No it’s a power.”
“So he knows how to use it?”
“He is the tool…he is…the tool…and he can use this…extra-terrestrial I would have called it….power.”
“Why only he? Why not the other priests?”
“I think it’s because he is a descendent from a different world.”

“It’s a …can’t put it in to words…ahhmm…very powerful force…”
“And how does he use it now on you?”
“He hasn’t touched me!”
“He doesn’t touch you?”
“No, this is a discussion. This isn’t the healing session. This is a discussion.”
“Does he have to touch you when he uses the power?”
“I see. Is this a kind of ancient art of healing through light?”
“It’s an extra-ordinary powerful force.”
“Is this the only place on earth where they can use it? This temple?”
“And why did the aliens leave this power behind…for them to use?”
“I think some of them are in Peru…”
“I see. And what does he tell you then, the priest? After telling you it’s an honour that he is going to use the force.”
“There’s a date…there has to be a special date for this.”
“What date is that? You will immediately know that.”
Long pause again…
“What kind of date is it?”
“I don’t understand…mmm…like an anniversary of something”

Instructions were given to understand the date.

“I don’t…I don’t know…”
“That’s all right.”
“Haven’t got that date.”
“That’s all right. Dates are different.”
“I know.”
“That has to be arranged for then…if I have the healing it has to be then…”
“Are you waiting now to go to the date when you had the healing?”

Instructions to go to the time she had the healing.

“You’re in the temple now…”
“No I’m not!”
“Where are you now?”
“I’m in my home.”
“You are in your home. With Pharao?”
“Some servants.”
“And what are you doing?”
“They’re adorning me with jewels…putting jewels on me…”
“I see. And why?”
“It’s for a great occasion.”
“I see. Do you still have a blue dress?”
“I think it’s white….and jewellery.”

Instructions that she then was ready to go for the healing session.

“You have a white dress and beautiful jewellery. Do you have a wig too?”
“Yes…for special occasions.”
“Now you move out of this room. Where do they take you?”
Long, long pause.
“Now you have arrived. Now you are at that particular place. You know this place very well. Now you tell me where you are!”
“I have a meeting with someone.”
“No my servants are with me….and the guard.”
“Do you see this other person? Who is that? Look at him. Take your time. You recognize him! You’ve seen him before or her.”
“I think it’s one of the priests.”
“Is it the same priest you saw, who spoke about using this power?”
“Yes it is.”
“And where are you now? In a temple, a building?”
“I’m in a building, very beautiful building.”
“Is it an open building or is it like a pyramid?”

Long pause again.

“What kind of building do you see?”
“I’m not sure if it’s a temple or not. It’s a…mmm…a very spiritual place where I am.”
“So if I now ask you, are you there because you could not get a child with Pharao, you could not get pregnant or you are there in order to get healed so you can give the Pharao a child?”
“That is the reason.”
“In order to secure the throne?”
“I see. And now when the priest use the power, can you describe how he use it? Do you see it…a thing…do you feel it…a sensation of energy through your body?”
“It’s something that stimulates…it’s stimulating…”
“Stimulating what?”
“Very powerful.”
“Do you see any light?”
“It affects my mind and my reproductive system…it’s affecting my mind…it has an effect on my mind.”
“Does it affect Pharaos reproductive system as well or only yours?”
”Mine. But it’s affecting my mind to my reproductive system…at the same time…it’s like…the mind is the key.”
“He unlocks the mind?”
“And when you are with the priests and the others, is it your impression as a Queen, that you believe in life after death? That you believe in rebirth. That you believe that we all have souls?”
“I have been in Egypt many times.”
“But when you are there now as the Queen, do you believe as a Queen that you have a soul?”
“Can you hear the name of this Queen?”
“I’m not very good with names. I never get names.”

Instructions were given that she would see the Queens name as an Observer.

“It’s in Hieroglyphic. I can’t read it.”
“It’s all right. What is the first hieroglyph you see?”
“Is it a bird?”
“It is a bird!”
“A swim-bird.”
“And the second, is it a feather or something. Or a snake. Like a sun?”
“Or a cup?”
“No. I think it look like a cat.”
“Like a cat. And the third?”
“I don’t know. don’t know why I don’t get names. I never get names.”
“That’s all right. Don’t push yourself.”
“I never get names.”
“That’s all right.”
“Why don’t I get names?”
“That’s all right. Don’t force yourself.”

“Now you are ready with the healing part. Did you get a son? A daughter? You can see that clearly now. It’s a year later. Did you give birth to a son or a daughter?”
“I have a beautiful baby boy. “
“Baby boy?”
“And now comes the most difficult part, because you will see what happened to the priest. Because you told me he would be frightened if he failed. But he didn’t’ fail. He was successful. But what happened to him? Because you had a baby. You can see clearly now what happened to him! Was Pharao pleased with you having a baby?”
“He is very happy….very proud.”
“What happened to the priest?”
“He’s…he’s been blamed for something.”
“He’s been blamed for something, yes.”
“What is he being blamed off? Look at yourself. You had a child, a beautiful baby boy. What was he blamed off?”
“Mmmmm….one of the servants have told lies…”
“Yes…told lies about him and the Queen or?”
“This has made the Pharao angry…he believe the lies…”
“And no one can touch the Queen, is that right?”
“No one is allowed to!”
“No one is allowed to touch the Queen, and the priest didn’t, did he? He didn’t. He never touched the Queen.”
“So I wonder who was allowed to touch me?”
“And what happened to the priest after the servant told the lies and the Pharao believed it?”
“He had to order the Priest to be killed.”
“Yes. And he was killed. Were you happy about that as a Queen?”
“No, very, very sad…very unhappy…he wouldn’t believe me…I kept saying…telling him the truth and he would not believe me. I wanted to save him because he had cured me.”
“Very unhappy.”

Music by Brandon Fiechter

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