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Teachings by Ptah

Opet festival by Mark Millmore

Opet Festival, Karnak Temple, Egypt by Mark Millmore

Meditation and yoga in the mountain of north island New Zealand

There are many births and many deaths. Neither one of them is the beginning or the end. They provide the soul with opportunities to develop its skills through a world where energies have been transformed in to a realm of bodies (Khat). The life force itself manifest itself in the name of Ptah (Chi) continuously inspiring the Ka (life-force) through the interface of Khat. Ka-Ibis is the walking shadow of all material, inspiring the highest part of our bodies. The Soul (Ba) and ultimately its divine part, the Akh (Spirit) contain all our unique experiences, gathered over eons of lives.

The qualities of our spirit (Za) and all our experience, continuously transform our souls in to a unique immortal spark of divine energy. Each quanta of energy itself is indestructible. These soul quanta are equally able to rejoice and merge with all other soul energies in a higher dimensional order, all according to their level of development. We were always told that our initiations were a true mirror of the TRUE world. The soul wouldn’t in any shape of form benefit from reaching a stage without proper preparation, and neither would the soul get access to the keys to a higher dimensional order without having qualified. Not because there is a need of power in Spirit, but instead a prevailing higher order where the true existence of lower energies would only manifest themselves in the physical form.

This our physical world is a matrix where all souls will eventually reach complete enlightenment, realising that the true illusion was never Spirit, but the physical forms strong attraction and delusional order where our ultimate mission is to master these energies.

I failed many times, not in my devotion, practice or even initiations, but rather my lack of practicing my teaching, my lack of transforming my lower energies in to deeds of complete unselfishness. Not to sacrifice myself in hope of divine promotion, but to speak through my higher self through TRUE practice as a healer of the heart. I agree with some Buddhists and Dalai Lama that it is about practicing dharma, and realising that the light is within and not beyond.

I am now observing myself and the way I practice dharma. I can assure you that my Akh needs a lot more to be done!

The mission of a life is to become enlightened, although this in the physical dimension could take up to the complete age of a civilisations birth and death. When I practiced as a priest my free will was both the curse and the blessing of my journey. Without proper guidance once reborn, my ultimate chance of success became more distant. The temptation of lower levels of energies distracted me and often I lost contact with my higher self.

My physical form told me and persuaded me in endless forms and shapes to listen to my free will. These constant temptations and mental illusions made me soon loose contact with my higher self.  I was soon unable to observe myself achieve unselfishness.  Despite how much I practiced, it never brought me closer to the WORD, because my heart wasn’t completely devoted and committed to the life of Ptah. When the heart is true, there is no need for sacrifice, prayers or other distractions from the path. You then practice the way through your TRUE heart.















When I left my physical shell, rejoining with my brothers and sisters, my Master thought that my biggest hurdle wasn’t inability to practice. Nor was it devotion, strength, power or ambition. It was my inability to surrender myself (my Ego), not to vanish in to a void of non-existence, but rather to experience all-existence through the WHOLE, and yet through my divine self -practice.

For many lives I was practicing different aspects of what once was a premature dream-state of a priest to come. I died many painful deaths to remind me to forgive. I lived many lives in neglect of others to remind me of unselfish actions without selfish intention. I lived lives as poor, or as a cripple to understand suffering from a perspective of compassion and love as the true treasure, not through physical possessions. I died with hate, anger and sadness. I died knowing that I failed to save someone because I was too selfish in my own ego-state. Slowly I was preparing myself for a day to come where all the different aspects of the priest could be tried again. This time with a wealth of experience.

By practicing LBL we have an unique opportunity to reconnect souls in search of the source. How we practice and facilitate that is far less important, than the fact that we have intention to heal.

A soul cannot transform until it has been healed. That is in itself an important truth and part of the reason why we are here. Far too many devote themselves of criticising others and condemning details that has very little importance, when the overall most import goal is our true intention to heal. When this is honest and truthful, healing will take place within every single subject.

My world is not what makes us apart, but what keeps us together. Very few can achieve the mission on their own, and when they do, they become true Masters and our spiritual leaders. They teach us how to come together in our divine mission to achieve a state where we can transform our divine self through the physical form. Each soul will have to find its own way back to the source. The core of this teaching is not to emphasize all the differences of Ptah, but the fact that Ptah is inevitably non-different but manifested through myriads of alternatives to make us realise the truth of the source.

When we fall prey to humans teaching annihilation of our divine self, we are indeed in a state of delusion, and far from honouring the fact that we are unique and divine. We are one, and yet many. We are different because we need to, not because it’s bad or wrong. We need differences to create an unlimited number of aspects of experiences. That is a divine plan, and yet we will then all share this as an unlimited asset of The Divine Hall of Knowledge and experiences. Without this observation of my own limited self, I could not pursue my mission.

The healer of The Heart had specific skills as an initiated priest. In ancient Egypt the healing of a soul, was called the ancient art of healing with light. Once again this art will become an important part of human existence.

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