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Fleure Monteaux

Caronia Edwardian painted 1905 by Gordon Bauwens

TSS Caronia, 1905, by Gordon Bauwens

“My name is Fleure, Fleure Monteux. I am walking through a landscape with beautiful green hills. There is a path down towards some white houses in the village. In front of one of the houses I see my mother and my younger brother. I can’t see my father. When I look through the eyes of my mother, I recognize my previous mother-in- law. It’s strange. Through the eyes of my younger brother I recognize my previous husband,” Pam said.

She tried several times before she knew the year was 1902. The same year Fleure and her husband Sean, travelled on a boat to London. She was very happy since Sean had got a job in London. Pam was helping her husband who was working in a house in London. The couple lived in a flat with a couple of rooms, and they managed to make decent money. Fleure felt so much love over for her Sean.

It was suddenly 1913 and Pam saw herself with her first born child, Celine. Pam was so happy. Unfortunately the war broke out and Sean had to leave for the front.

Then Pam suddenly felt sadness striking her, when she knew that Sean was never to come back. She had been told by a man coming to her flat, that her husband had been killed.

Pam and her daughter then had to live with a friend. A few years later, around 1918/1919 Pam died after being bound to her bed with a terrible cough. Pam described how she could see her daughter running around at the age of 5 – 6. When Pam looked down at her dead body she felt sad on behalf of her daughter.

Finally through LBL, Pam was taken to the Garden of Souls where she met Sean again. Pam was tremendously happy about this,

“Is Sean dressed in his uniform”, I asked.

“No, he is dressed in the clothes he had when we left for England. You, see, I sense very strongly that my daughter Celine later became my own grandmother”, said Pam.

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