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Mystical Lake
What people experience when they die

Death has particularly in the West, considered to be painful, dark, sad and the end of everything good. We have been taught that death is the end. It could well be the opposite. It could be the beginning. Growing up in a farming community death was always a natural part of my life. Difficult but also natural and sometimes even a welcome liberator. In contrast to this death is often now not very much talked about with children. It’s not every ones cup of tea! The natural and important grieving process after death, has sometimes come to represent an obstacle in a modern hectic life full of commitments. When death suddenly strikes today, many people find it difficult to cope and sometimes spiritual and inner resources are unavailable. I want that to change. In this part I will give different accounts of how people have perceived their own deaths in different lives during thousands of years. The number of accounts will continue to grow!

Woman dead by suicide – England 1800

“I hung myself. I lived In a big house where I could see the outside world through my windows, but I couldn’t really take part. I felt like a prisoner….I have been married to my husband through an arranged marriage. I never loved him. Mmm, I can see people in carriages outside…..something awful happens to me. I hung myself…my husband was somewhat responsible…he wasn’t happy, but he never missed me. Ohh, I am disappointed…I realize that I have a consciousness after death….I will have to move on.”

Man committing suicide after gladiator fight – 2 000 years ago

“Me and my friend are dressed in strange clothes, each one with a sword and a shield. There are some spectators around the place, but not many like Colosseum. Ohh….we are peasants…the Romans have forced me and another peasant to fight each other.” “When you look through this mans eyes, whom do you see?”. “Ohh…I see my best friend from this life…Roger….it’s terrible…we fight….and finally I kill my best friend. I felt so demoralized that I actually took a knife and slashed my own throat… I died a few minutes later.”

Woman gassed in Dachow concentration camp during WWII

I came from Holland and my wife and children has been taken away from me. I never saw them again. I survived for two years in the camp. I am speaking to the German soldiers…I don’t think I will die here. Ohh…..I feel terrible….I have lost my dignity…I am a traitor…because I tell the guards about other inmates…I am walking in to a room and I still think I’m not going to die. There are others and they have their clothes on…we are all gassed to death…before I die I panic”. “It’s over now. I knew I had to do it, although it was going to be difficult. The experience of being a traitor would give me an opportunity to grow as a soul and achieve further important experience and knowledge……”. “I am at the Gateway. My father is the first one to greet me within a diamond shaped group of people. I recognize my brother, and some children I don’t….I feel drained and tired after being executed at Dachow…..I go to the sea…I like the waves…it’s clean.” In this sea she felt refreshed and she could “wash off” some bad energy and thoughts she kept with her when she passed over. “How many lives have you had all together?” “481….life on planet Earth is usually extremely challenging with its complexity of life. I am a junior teacher in Spirit. I try to achieve as much knowledge as possible. I teach other souls about life on Earth and particularly communication and the complexity of interactions between humans/souls.

Woman killed after being locked up in a cave to die 1 500 years ago

This woman was killed when he tribe locked her up in a cave somewhere in Italy probably 1 500 years ago. Her husband wrongly accused her of having been unfaithful ”I’m just hovering around. It’s bright”, she said. ”Mum tells me that I have to accept that it happened”, she said. “Go back to Italy. Now you can see your husband and the people that survived your death. Tell me what happens”, I said. Several minutes of complete silence. ”I was innocent. My husband couldn’t go on. He told someone that he lied about me being unfaithful. He was hanged. I can see my son from that life. He is my son in this life too”, she said smiling.”

You must stop grieving mum!

She had lost her 6 year old daughter in the back garden 15 years previously. Ever since that day when her husband cut down the birch tree, she had been grieving. She was referred to me by her GP. ”What are you doing Lena?” ”I am with Louise. She is standing right in front of me in a pink dress. She’s so beautiful”, she continued.” ”She tells me that I’m reading wrong. She always did. She knew very well what the books said”. “Louise tells me that Dad couldn’t know that the tree was going to twist. She tells me that I must let go of my grief and go on with my life. Ohh….she tells me that she will be back during my life time. Then I will know. She tells me…I must tell Dad that he needs to take care of Karin (her sister)”. Lena told me that in afterlife the light was bright, clean and clear. It was a state of pure happiness. For Lena it came as a shock that her healing was within herself.

Man shot dead 1915 during WWII

“I say goodbye to someone I know I love. It’s a train station. It’s sad. We are all leaving for the front. My name is Jean, I’m 18 years old. When we arrive at the front we have to get straight down to the trenches. I have one of those silly, stupid flat French helmets. You really look stupid….I’m just trying to have a look at the Germans over the trenches. I’m dead. It just explodes. It’s a bullet that hits my head. I leave my body quickly. I know what I’m doing. I have died before. I don’t waste any time hanging around. I just go up towards the light…I have got other things to do….I don’t miss my body…or the Trenches…”.

Killed by Japanese soldiers 1942

This gentleman is describing how he is killed by Japanese forces, possibly on an occupied island during WWII. At the end of this session he also felt that his father was fighting the war somewhere else. “My name is Tom. It’s 1942. We are running away from the landing craft and there is fierce fighting around us. Bullets are everywhere, numerous mortars and shells. It is absolutely horrible. I am running and my friends are falling around me. I am killed….a bullet goes straight through my right eye. I die instantly. I am hovering above my body. I feel relieved…there are so many other souls leaving their bodies from all these young men. It’s a complete waste of a young life….”.

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