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Mr C expressed that he just couldn’t stand not having therapy when sessions were cancelled. Unexpectedly he loved exploring the spiritual world. He finally made it home.

He grew up without much attention and love, and certainly without spiritual guidance. Life was cruel and hard, and he responded the same way. He divorced and never felt the true loss of not having access to his daughters. He felt nothing. People were scared of him and I myself thought that he was “too much of a bully to get well…”. How utterly wrong I was.

Mr C was known often to be angry, often verbally abusive and with a history of getting in to fights. He had no religion and spiritually he felt empty.

During 6 sessions he met his dead grandfather he loved so much. His long ago passed away Nan, one day brought his dead sister to The Garden of Souls.

Mr C had a row with his sister before she died of cancer. Mr C’s Nan now told him that she had brought his sister just to show her what a remarkable transformation he had been through. He saw himself as man of great anger in the past and he said;

“I need to be more friendly…will you forgive me sister?”. When he left that day he was smiling.

He visited his own future and during one session he suddenly said; “My daughter will one day come looking for me. She is standing on my doorstep. He felt and expressed a tangible love. He described himself as an old man, calm and pleased with his life. There was no fear of death, no resentment, no anger.

Before his last session he told me that his friends had left him one day when they were out on motor bikes, and he returned home, for the first time with a sense of loss and great sadness. When he during the session visited “The Council of Elders” they expressed admiration of his spiritual transformation, and when I asked why they knew, his answer came clear and revealing.

“By the time he felt sadness for the first time, we knew that he was going to heal”.

There were more higher beings present than usual, and through the session I felt this invisible energy present, almost like they seemed interested in this unusual process of healing.

Mr C made a remarkable transformation. Through his ability to ask for forgiveness he could let go and he could finally heal and become whole.

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