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They did not elect a female President

This woman explicitly asked to go in to the future. This session took place 2005. She was well grounded without any alarming symptoms of mental illness, and her request was accepted. I have decided to publish this with her consent. It doesn’t mean that these events will happen since one thing is very certain about souls and future. It is usually extremely difficult to locate a specific incident in the future and put it right according to our physical time. It’s almost like trying to find out where you are in time in a deep sea without a clock. Only the future will give us the definite answer of these remarkable statements.

“I’m sitting in my house in Southend on Sea. Mum and Dad have gone now. My father asked me to forgive him before he died.

I live on my own, but I have many friends. The garden has been cleared and I have planted some bushes and trees. I am sitting in my favourite swing! I look back at the therapy I had and how much it helped me. I don’t use any medication now. I still have problems with some physical pain, but I manage.”

“The Olympics came up in London. Parking went sky high. There are a lot of police officers, but no major incidents. In America the police are helped by special Marshals and things seems to improve. They didn’t elect a woman as the president!”

“Fuel is available and not depleted as originally thought. This was connected to greed and people’s need to make money out of crisis. More cars are built on electricity as the main fuel. The weather has become warmer and China was struck by a major earth quake. People died in thousands.”

“A space mission was launched to Mars but failed and blew up as they had left the atmosphere in to space. Six astronauts died.”

“The troops finally came back to UK from Iraq in 2009…”.

“One more thing…religions slowly start to merge into one basic faith”.

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