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Three Masters

Spaceship Landing on Earth

Elisabeth is the sister of a brother widely known within international business circles. When her brother met the Chinese president, she was sitting in my office, encouraging me to do hypnotherapy.

“I am sitting on a dish of silver. There are three Masters here. Two are in the front and one in the back. They speak to me. They are almost transparent. I think I can look almost through them. They tell me that I need to see the difference between good and evil in humans. They say that even where evil is abundant, there is something good. They also show me something strange. These three Masters show me that they used beams of light to put the stones in place on the pyramids….it is strange but it is almost like the truth about the birth of planet earth, is buried in the pyramids.”

Elisabeth was put in to deeper trance. Her eyes went through the light REM-phase and she seemed to disappear.

Elisabeth continued to talk, almost like she was on holiday, reporting about her new discoveries.

“These Masters are standing on these discs above the pyramids. They return in a silver ship. It feels almost natural. They seemed to be pleased about what they have accomplished…I felt that the secret about the origin of our planet is buried within the pyramids. I saw two sphinxes. One with a giant human head. I couldn’t see the other one clearly”, she said.

”Oh, I knew this all the time”, she said suddenly.

“What happens to you”, I asked,

After what seemed to be an eternity, she continued.

“They tell me that I am their Observer. I was meant to come and see you. That is actually what they are telling me”, she said.

“Are you telling me that there was always a plan?”

”It was decided”, she said.

”Ohhh, they tell me that my dog is soon to die…and soon a friend will leave me too…..ohhhhhhhh.”

”I understand that this is difficult. Maybe they tell you in order for you to make use of the time left.”

I felt I had to distract her and I continued.

”How many lives have you lived Elisabeth?”

”93…this is my 93 and I will have two more. You will have the same”, she said without hesitation.

The truth is that this session happened 2002. Two years later she wrote to me in England and told me that her lovely dog had died. She also told me about a close friend that came to see her, and within 6 weeks he was dead due to rapidly developed liver cancer. Elisabeth knew and believed this was coming and due to that she was strong enough to really enjoy the time before her dog and friend had left. She was never in doubt of whether this was true.

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