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Guides Teachers on Earth – Teachers In Heaven

Family Walking On the Beach
Every client in a true soul state, reports about having one or several guides. These are souls that from the beginning of a particular souls birth, decide to become teachers and guides. Some might incarnate occasionally together with the specific soul they guide, although that is unusual.

This woman suddenly reveals what she really does both awake but also when sleeping. She is an advanced soul.

“There are many whites…some in gold…which…quite clear yellow….not that many in blue….mmmm.”
What colour do you have?”
“I am a mix..”
“Of what?”
“Blue and purple”, she said..
“I understand.”
“Are you also a guide”, I asked randomly.
“Of white souls”, she answered quickly.
“Are you responsible for this group?”
“I am like a ….teacher.”
“Do you teach these souls when you live on earth? Are you doing two things simultaneously …?”
“Yes, I can do that.”
“How is that possible?”
“Since my intelligence and my souls works independently. My soul is more powerful than my intelligence”, she answered adamantly without trying to exaggerate.

“Why? Why didn’t they give you a more powerful intellect?”
“I don’t think I need to be specifically intelligent, because…because…mmm….I would be too much concerned….”
“By intellectual things?”
“No, not so much intellectual things.”
“I think it is…….materialistic capitalism…!”

“This pool of souls, does it mean that the number of people we see on earth today, it is huge…more than 5 billion…Does it mean that we are going to drain this pool of souls?”
“NO, space is full of black holes and on the other side of black holes are whole new universes.”
“With other souls?”
“With other souls!”
“And the number of souls…is absolutely..?”
“Does it mean that there are many young souls that feel lost?”
“Yes…because they do not have anything spiritually in their lives”
“We are advanced. Young souls are inexperienced, and they can’t see beyond the human form. A soul with so much knowledge would be far too much to bear. It’s very logical if you know too much. The human mind try solve problems, but we need the super conscious mind to solve it.”


Being guided

Sharon was instructed to go to her guides. She finds it difficult since she feels very distressed by her death as a young girl. She is sitting in The Garden of Souls, feeling sage and secure watching the birds. Slowly she feels more confident and decide to ask for her guides.

“…Philosophers… Philosophers….guides.”
“How many guides do you have?”
“Broken Arrow, Li Tan…and Azaria..”
“May I speak to Broken Arrow now. Now I speak to Broken Arrow through you here. What is the problem with Sharon. Why did she forget to work with animals?”
“Past to the wrong life…life…and the wrong path..”
“Why did she get there?”
“How can she now get back on track?”
“By being stronger.”
“And how can she get stronger?”
“Through me.”
“And what can you offer her?”
“What kind of support.”
“I’ll give her strength.”
“Strength. How long have you been around her Broken Arrow?”
“Many years.”
“Have you been on earth?”
“Why don’t you come back on earth?”
“No need.”
“Evil. You think Earth is evil?”
“Evil….man is evil.”
“We are here…we three...are here…each to provide…strength…love…and knowledge.”

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