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Music by Brandon Fiechter

It is interesting how we have been taught to believe that an ancient culture that just a few hundred years prior to the gigantic mammoth task of building the pyramids, were more or less a society just leaving the stone age behind them.

There has never been any pictures recovered from the building of the great pyramids. Egyptologists believe that the Sphinx was built in 2500 BC in the time of the pharaoh Chephren (of Khafre), who is identified with the Second Pyramid at Giza. We know that this belief is so entrenched that it would take an intellectual bulldozer to tug it out.

There are no inscriptions – not a single one – either carved on a wall or a stela or written on the throngs of papyri that identified Khafre (or anyone else, for that matter) with the construction of the Sphinx and its nearby temples.

And of course it is impossible to use radio-carbon-14 on stones, in order to accurately date the pyramids.

During this session a Swedish woman goes to back to ancient times in Egypt. She doesn’t suffer from any mental illness, and she is well grounded. He brother is an internationally well known industrial leader. During one of her last sessions she gave consent to explore the time when the pyramids were built.

”She doesn’t have a life in Egypt”, i thought.

”I’m hovering over the pyramids. Ohh, there are so many people building” she said spontaneously.

”Is it only people. Do they have ropes and ramps where they drag all the stones up along the pyramids” I asked.

”Mmmm, no there are three white Masters. They are standing on hovering plates above the pyramids”, she says without any hesitation.

”What does the Masters do next”, I ask with my eyebrows raised.

”They return in a space ship of silver. They seem to be pleased about what they have done”, she answers.

Later Elisabeth said that the Masters used a beam of light in order to get all the stones in place . According to her it would have been impossible without this advanced technology. But there were thousands of people preparing the stones which seemed to have been put in place, almost like a big jig-zaw.

”It felt completely natural”, she said.

”I felt that the secret about the birth of our planet is buried inside the pyramids. I saw two sphinxes. One with a big human head. I couldn’t see the other sphinx really clear”, she finished.

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