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Life Selection

Clothes Hanging
Imagine that you walk in to clothes shop to buy a nice evening dress or a suite. Suddenly you realize that the shop owner insist that there are only four different female dresses and only two suites available. Since you are a woman he recommends the blue dress in cotton. He tells you that this dress will bring you a wonderful evening and a good chance to meet the man you have been looking for! You take it and realize that it’s a bargain.

Many of us buy new clothes very often, others just have one set. It seems that souls become equipped with lives or bodies, jus like humans buy clothes. Of course these bodies last longer than some clothes, but from a cosmic perspective there isn’t much of a difference in time!

Now this is exactly the case with many clients when they report from The Room of Life Selection. Young souls usually get a life that is well prepared for their journey. Usually, but not always, the accept. A soul doesn’t seem to have to, but if the soul decline then it might affect the personal development plan. As soon as the selection has been done, there is an opportunity to have a glance of the life to come, through The Ring of Destiny. When the soul enters the body, a complete memory block is activated. Without, most humans wouldn’t learn through the choices they have to make.

More advanced souls seem to have more options. A woman from Scandinavia told me that she starved and had a terrible life during WW II. She was adamant that she would try to avoid a life in starvation.

She was given four options. One life in America, as a quite successful woman, but living in a huge and very busy city. Another option was a life in China, which would have given her wealth, but no personal freedom. The third life was somewhere in Africa with the possibility of hunger. The life this woman choose, was one in the north of Scandinavia, where she would feel secure in a small and loving family, always with enough food on the table. They were never rich, but they had an incredible nature outside their small house, and independence and freedom was never sacrificed.

Another woman was offered a life by a higher being, and she accepted this without hesitation.

“I just know I have to accept this for my own good”, she said.

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