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Redeemer of lost souls

Image by Helena Lopes

Photo: Helena Lopez

“My name is Jo. My father is Arthur, and my mother Eliza. I have two brothers Jonathan and Freddie. My father is a very wealthy man. He doesn’t seem to do anything although he’s always away travelling. My family has hundreds of servants. We live in Surrey, England. I will not reveal my surname. It’s a secret. I love riding my horse. I have boots, and a green jacket.”

“Do you have pants?”
“Ha ha ha….women doesn’t use pants.”
”Do you know anything about the world outside England?”
“I know about Ireland. It’s a small country. I have heard about London but I have never been to any big city.”
“Do you go to school?”
“I have a governess who teaches me Latin and sewing”, she answered.
“Tell me about the most important moment in your life?”

Suddeenly she started breathing rapidly and she was gasping for air. She was moving up and down on the recliner, and she was obviously under severe stress. I had to use all my skills to calm her down.

“Oooooohhhhh, my groom Bill has been shot by some men. They keep chasing me and I try to get away, but they get closer. Oh, they have shot my horse. These evil men took me and buried me alive…”

“You are calm now. You don’t feel any pain. You look back and see everything as it was. What do you see?”
“I was found dead by my father…he was quite upset. They never found Bill.”
“What do you do after the death of your body?”
“I stay by my horse. My guide Tua is around me, supporting me. I stay by the fields. I’d refused my guide and stayed in that field.. waiting by the tree.. the place of calm but since I’ve seen the stampeding horses there that time, it’s become inhospitable to me. A barren cold place – when I think of it now even the tree has no leaves. Mud everywhere – as if everything has been trampled. There is fear. It is a place of loss. Somewhere to leave and try very hard to forget.”
“ I lost my last life as a warning to my father – a gentle warning as he would have reacted, taken action if the boys were assaulted. “ 

Jo stayed at this place for a very long time. She was earth bound for many years. When I looked in to the case it seemed that if she had a life during the 18th or 19th century, she stayed by her horse for at least 100 – 200 years – as a soul.

“How long are hundred years in the spiritual world”, I asked.

“Only seconds”, she answered without hesitation.
“How are you brought back to the light”, I asked.
“A higher being comes for me. She’s a redeemer of lost souls. I go with her to the light now…”

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