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The Council of Elders

Image by Kevin Wenning

Photo: Kevin Wenning

The Council is a place many clients refer to independently of each other. It seems to be a place where souls are encouraged and debriefed before and after certain lives, and particularly when “counselling” is needed by the soul after a particularly challenging or difficult life. These higher beings radiate love, wisdom and compassion. Without judging they counsel the soul and often give short and precise guidelines how to proceed with past lives and lives to come. Most clients report that there is always a chair, often with a medallion around his/her neck. The medallion depicts symbols and/or pictures with a specific message to the soul. It also seems that the more advanced the soul gets, the higher the number of Council members.

Marie was a lovely wonderful retired woman, living on her own after a divorce many years earlier. She told me that she had once had a very strong faith but now she said;

“God doesn’t bother me”.

I told her that it actually made everything more challenging since she was very grounded, free from fantasies and pre-conceived perceptions about a life after death.

This day was special since a Consultant and Associate Professor from India was present. He went silent, almost numb when our client started her journey.

“I am standing in front of The Council. There are eight members and they are dressed in cloaks. The middle being is the chair. They seem so wise…but yet…I feel comfortable and at ease.

They tell me that they are surprised and very pleased with my progress since I have failed in the past…”

“I asked her to ask the Council if we could ask specific questions”, and Marie gave her and the Councils consent. 

“Is it acceptable to do this kind of therapy from your perspective?”

“They confirm that all this has caused great concern initially…you have to do this by pure heart and not everybody seems to have that. This process was inevitable and they knew it was going to happen, but still it has caused a lot of concern. A concern on a general basis. The Chair is well aware about your problems about creating unselfish questions…actually they were well aware about all these questions already before I attended The Council”.

“Isn’t it then possible to detect negative intentions?”

“No, it’s not. It is part of life and they cannot protect anyone from that.”

Suddenly Marie turned to my colleague without even being asked.

“This gentleman here who is trying to introduce this in India, will face problems…it is not as easy as thought. In that country there are basic beliefs which might cause bigger problems…”

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