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The Nursery

Sleeping Baby

Sheila was a young woman with two children. Her self-image was poor and she suffered from over-weight. She often felt and lived through the child within herself. It made her feel safe.

One of her sons was not expected to live long, since he suffered from a serious inherited disorder.

Sheila was a wonderful caring mother but her fear of loosing him made her depressed and utterly sad. Due to the fact that she was going to lose her son I deliberately asked her to go to “The Nursery”.

“I am wrapped in energy….”, she said.

“Do you get the feeling as if in a cocoon”, I asked.

“Mmm…yes…..I sense higher care takers but I can’t see them” she continued.

“There are other newborn souls just like me, and they are all waiting in this particular state”.

“Where does the soul come from”, I asked.

“I don’t know”, she answered.

“Do you stay in this state for a year, a few years, hundreds or thousands of years?”

“Several hundreds of years.”


“It is necessary in order to gain and stabilize energy”, she said.

“But how do you know when you are ready to leave that state?”

“I just know.”

“Where do you go?”

“In to the womb”.

I then took her back to the moment before she was leaving The Nursery and Sheila continued.

“There are three beings in front of me. They have been appointed as my guides. Two are females and one is male. Their colours are mainly white. They tell me that I have to go to earth and live a life.”

“How do you know when to leave for earth” I asked.

“I just went because I knew I had to do it.”

Then Sheila told me that advanced souls return to the source, once they have accomplished their journey.

“My sons severe illness is actually a gift, and there is nothing wrong about all this. It is a way of learning”, Sheila told me.

Sheila finished the therapy and left with confidence and an inner sense of calm that made me proud. Before she left me she told me that she could care for her son during his last years with an inner joy and spiritual happiness she never had before. She knew he would be back and that they would meet after their death.

I spoke to her on the phone today (8 October) ! Her voice was happy and everything is still absolutely fine!

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