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Life Beteween Lives

Concept by Dr Westerlund and art by Dedic Ahmad

Life Between Lives (LBL) hypnotherapy is a unique method to facilitate and guide a client into a deeper understanding of not only past lives, but particularly the astonishing world in afterlife and before rebirth.


Life Between Lives therapy (LBL) was developed by late Michael Newton, California, USA, after his ground breaking work throughout 1950′s until early 1990. He introduced a method to carefully explore the possibility of a human soul existing in all of us. Through his descriptive and carefully guided facilitated questions, clients were introduced to a realm of higher understanding and inner healing.

Past Life Regression therapy (PLR)

Most clients asking for LBL are usually offered Past Life Regression (PLR) therapy as a gateway in to the later exploration of a possible immortal soul. The PLR is a natural way for the soul to go back to it’s true source – the Spirit – through the persons last life’s death. This journey will then facilitate further exploration of the spiritual world.

The spiritual  existence seems strikingly often very much a like
between people from a world divided by religions, possessions and politics.

Life Between Lives therapy is simply hypnotherapy taking the client beyond his/her own death in order to explore past lives, and particularly the spiritual immortal realm of souls. The spiritual world is remarkable often described with attributes and knowledge shared by many clients completely independently of each other. The only combining contributing factor is the facilitator.

Under “The Spiritual World” a brief description of the spiritual world relayed by hundreds of my clients, is outlined and presented through unidentifiable accounts, pictures and sounds.

What is a LBL session?

A full session last generally between 4 – 5 hours, but sessions within NHS last 1 – 1½ hour. Before induction you will have an interview where I establish your background, particularly in relation to family, friends and partners. This will later be useful during the session. The LBL session will bring you back through your childhood and the time in your mother’s womb. There we will continue to work back to the life between lives. It is then possible to understand and integrate traumas, suffering, love and understanding on a level of the higher self.

A golden rule is that you never get more than you can take. The soul work during states of super-consciousness gives access to dimensions you can’t reach in a conscious state. Time is altered as a consequence. You are in control of your mind, and never disclose information you feel uncomfortable about. You can’t be asked to provide your bank account number during my sessions!


How do I prepare myself before the session?

Avoid any stimulants like tea, coffee or alcohol the day before your session. Eat healthy food like vegetables, fruit, cereals and drink plenty of water! Relax and meditate if you know how to do this.


Can I recover from anxiety, depression, bereavement and past traumas?

I regard the LBL-method as one of the most powerful psychotherapeutic methods I have ever used. Using data from my former clients within NHS, females stand around 70 % and males 60-65 % chance to improve or recover completely. Many clients have decided to discontinue their medication. With my background as a Consultant Psychiatrist this is possible to discuss. I will always support your decision. You are always in charge of yourself!


Late Dr Michael Newton and Dr Westerlund 2006

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