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Akashic records - The Foxglove

Image by Slawek K

Photo: Slavek K

Only one of my clients have had a close relative dying during the therapy. This woman’s father died mainly due to heart problems after having received dialysis for a number of years. He was a wonderful and very caring father, according to my client. Just a few days prior to this session he died. I did hope that the session would give her an opportunity to have a contact beyond death itself. As a child she lost her mother and later her brother died. All this made life difficult for this sensitive woman. She missed her father dearly!

“I’m in The Garden of Souls. My father is sitting there with my mother and brother….my father looks happy and healthy…he’s smiling and sitting down…and he’s not in a wheelchair. He looks young! He tells me to make his funeral as a celebration of life….”

Later I took her to The Library. She described a Keeper of Books who brought her a special book. When she opened the book she described the following:

“I can see a picture of a Foxglove but the text under it is non-decipherable…..”

“Now you will be able to read this. Look closer”, I said.

“There is an abundance of foxgloves” she said.

“This is about my father…he suffered from heart failure.”

It is interesting since we all know that Foxglove is a herb that has been used for centuries against heart problems. Maybe this was his way to send her a very clear message. There was no need to worry about him. He was finally with his wife and son. They were in fact happier than my client!

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