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”I’m sitting on the beach. There are palm trees further away. I can see a little boy further away”, she says.

“Look in to his eyes! Do you recognize him”, I ask.
“How old are you?”
“5 – 6 years”, she says hesitating.
“How does your house look like?”
”It’s a green brick house with a flat roof. It’s close to the beach. It’s in South-America…the year is either 2138 or 2188…I can see cars outside the house. They have round forms and move without any sound”, she answers.

I help her to move forward in her life, and she is then in her families kitchen. She has three siblings. She only recognizes her mother in the eyes of one of her siblings.

”My parents are upset. Something is going to happen. It’s coming from without…not earth”, she says in short jumpy sentences.

She seems strained, almost like using a lot of energy in order to tell her story.

”Has mankind established any contacts with extraterrestrial civilisations”, I ask curiously.
“Yes, they did that after the big war”, she says suddenly.

”The big war?”

I am now very surprised and curious. I ask her if the family has got any sort of computers or technology giving her access to more information.

Elisabet tells me that they have considerable databases accessible through their computers. I ask her to use the Encyclopaedia to get more information about the war.

”It starts 2113 in form of a nuclear war. I can see China involved. Vast areas become destroyed.  The destruction is enormous. Many people and animals are killed”, she says with a neutral and calm voice.

”What other countries are involved”, I ask.
”Large areas of USA have been devastated. Parts of Russia are affected too”, she says.
”Is Europe affected, or Scandinavia”, I ask.
”Parts of Europe, but not Scandinavia. The war is the beginning of the contact with the others”, she says.

Another woman Karin, with consent, was used as a reference point in order to cross check if Karin could have the same sort of independent experience of a future war.

Without her knowledge I chose the 22d century. Would there be any similarities? Or would there only be fantasies and information constructed through transference?

”What sort of clothes do you use”, I asked.
”I’m completely naked. It’s so bright…there are people around me”, she answered.

It was unclear if this was the moment of her birth. She moved forward in her life…..

”I am in a house. It is very bright. there is a large TV sort of screen. It’s almost inside the wall”, she said.
”How do you contact friends and acquaintances”, I asked.
”I use my TV.”
”Do you have computer”, I asked.
”Yes…a small device by the shape of a remote control, which I switch on and off and control some sort of computer. I can go backwards in history in my computer. The environment is so cold. There are some furniture’s but no paintings on the walls”, she answered.

”Well. Look in your history encyclopedia if you can see something about 2113. is there anything” I asked, feeling tense and curious.

”It seems that most animals died. I don’t know why”, she said.

She started to physically twist and turn and it was obvious that the experience was unpleasant. She complained about chest pain, and she found it difficult to breath.  The session was stopped immediately and we agreed never to return to the future again

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