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Past Life Regression (PLR)


Art: Ahmed Risalahai, Indonesia. Concept: Dr Westerlund

The concept of Past Lives Regression therapy is of course very controversial in the scientific world. The physical world is focused on the three dimensional world and it's need to express everything physical. We should not question that. Instead we should embrace science and ask how we can work together in order to integrate spirituality into sciences. 

Science without a soul is as enlightening as a computer without any software. We could even claim that during the industrial and scientific revolution since the beginning of the 18th century, mainstream science has in order to keep control, created the illusion that the human specie has control. Unfortunately that is far from the truth, and without a spiritual development, assisting our rapidly changing society, we face a world of artificial intelligence without any understanding of the ability to transcend itself into higher dimensions.

Without death humans would be unlikely to change, and through the blessing of death and rebirth we are given the chance to learn, evolve and change. The souls ultimate goal is to achieve physical experience in order evolve through eons of existences. That is necessary in order to have access to higher dimensional orders where bodes are not a necessity.

Through PLR we are given a chance to learn. That experience should be handled with gratitude and the utmost care and respect. To travel into the past can be both exciting and painful. To travel into the future often requires a mature and wise soul, understanding the concept of multidimensional existences. Ultimately we are all one.

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