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Can modern physics help us understand?

I am not a physicist, only a doctor. There has though repeatedly been incidents when modern physics seem to be one of few sciences that can explain the altered state of consciousness. I would like to quote Michael Newton, who said:

”Intelligent waves of energy creates subatomic particles of material, and it is the frequency of vibration from these waves that makes the material react in a desired direction.”


What is unique about being in a hypnotic state?
Research in to brain functioning and altered body functions indicates the following:

  • REM (Rapid Eye Movements) during light hypnosis

  • Brain waves change from Beta to Alfa and Theta waves

  • Heart rate decrease – lower pulse

  • Lower blood pressure

  • Frequency of breathing decrease

  • Body temperature is lowered

  • The right brain hemsiphere becomes more active

  • Increased cerebral blood flow in the back of the brain

  • Imaging/visualisation becomes more active

I have not yet found evidence in the literature to suggest an altered time-space experience during hypnosis, although this is something that has struck me repeatedly.


A client who doesn’t know much about physics was amazingly well informed.

”I would like to ask your guides, yourself and your Master one thing. When you travel like now with your soul, is it possible that the Soul travel faster than the speed of light?”

”Yes, it can be anywhere instantly.”
“There is no space-time factor involved”, she said.


Multi-dimensional non-linear non space non time existence
The subject during hypnosis is like a skydiver falling through many dimensions simultaneously. There is no time since the past, the present and the future is all now. The diver/client can suddenly find him-/herself within a reality far from what was expected.

Each blue layer represents one existence or dimensional order. There are many!





Klein bottle is an example of a non-orientable surface

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