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Akashic records - about all my lost friends

Image by Helena Lopes

Photo: Helena Lopes

The impact of the multi-dimensional books in The Library of Life Books is often enlightening. Many clients experience past actions both through texts, a sort of virtual reality, and feelings on all levels.

“I go to The Library with my Guide Albert. It is a huge building with books almost up to an invisible ceiling. The books continue as far as I can see. There are other souls reading books and there is a white lady who offers me a book. I am sitting down and the book has a cover of brown leather”.

“What kind of books is this?”

“When I open the book I notice that it is About All my Lost Friends. Hmmm….I realise why all my friends have left me”, he said. He continued spontaneously.

“It was about me…I was just too open and I gave too much away and they would use it and just abandon me..”

He was then given a second book in red leather by The Keeper of Books…

“This books title is The Book of Actions….it describes my experiences according to each action”, he said.

Sam described how the book was multi-dimensional. Not only could he read about actions, but he could also experience feelings attached to these actions. Sam started ro realise that he had been quite violent in his life, just like his father, but that this was not a way forward. He finished the session by saying:

“I am a quite old soul. Generally I know more than most, although I don’t want to appear selfish or self-possessed”, Sam finished.

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