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The future of mental health

General psychiatry deals with a wide range of mental health issues, from anxiety and depression, over psychotic disorders to personality and organic brain disorders. The rapidly changing world today is now introducing robots to assist not only healthy individuals but also people with all sorts of health issues. Tomorrow will provide artificial intelligence and robots across our society, whether we want it or not. 

Physics will be a major contributor in order to understand consciousness and the human mind. Humans can as some videos show, control robots by only using their brain waves. Yesterdays scary movie about mind control is perhaps already present with ultramodern technology, not yet available to the mainstream individual.

We have abandoned the old mental hospitals in favor of more human and diverse facilities, offering a wide range of tools in order to investigate, explore, assess and treat human mental illness. Only your imagination will put up the barriers, and with virtual technology and artificial intelligence our world is forever changed.


In the future it is not medication that will offer healing and recovery, but energy and replacement of dysfunctional parts. Microcosmic worlds of gene engineering with stem cell transplants and particle beams, will assist the future psychiatrist in a completely revolutionizing way. The barrier is not out there but inside ourselves.