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”I am standing by a beach. There is a woman steering a sail boat out on the lake”, he said. Later during the session he told me that the woman in the sail boat was his wife, and that he had himself, constructed the boat.

“You are now at your home! Describe what you see”, I told him.

“It’s a square. I work at the ground floor in the house, constructing sail boats. I have some sort of a large computer and a smaller when I travel. Hmmm…I enjoy so much what I do…yes I do. It’s going really well. We have got a television. The picture is projected on the wall by a thin beam of light, from a smaller lens. Yes, I can see it all very clear now”, Leif continued.

“Describe how you live. Tell me what the cars look like”, I encouraged him.

“There aren’t that many cars. There are some sorts of trains. They travel on rails between houses. It happens without any sound. We don’t have a car”, he said.

“In what country do you live, and what year is it”, I asked.

I have omitted my specific instructions to access time which is usually very difficult since time doesn’t seem to exist when souls travel. It happens frequently that time is wrong since time itself doesn’t have a specific “print”. Geographic places are easier to access.

“It is Sweden, but I don’t know the name of the place. It’s 2111”; Leif continued.

Again with Elisabeth as a cross-reference, I tried to ask Leif about 2113.

“Has anything specific happened”, I asked.
“No, he said.”


We went another few years ahead. Leif and his wife had a son and a daughter. When I asked him to look in to the eyes of his children, he said;

“It’s Daniel and Stina…they are my current children”, said Leif.

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