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My dog will die

Dog by the Beach

”I’m sitting on a plate of silver. There are Masters here. They talk to me. They are almost transparent. I think I can almost look straight through them. They tell me that I have to learn how to make the difference between good and evil people. They tell me that there is something good also in evil.”

She was quiet for longer time than any other previous session. Her eyes were moving in REM-phase under her eye-lids. Sometimes she would turn her head, and sometimes she would gasp for air. Suddenly she said;

”I have known that all the time. Why haven’t anyone told me?”
It was obvious that she experienced many more things than she would relay back to me as her facilitator.

”What is happening”, I asked, now obviously impatient.

”They tell me that I am their observer. I was supposed to meet you, in order for you to take the step. I had to see you. That is what they are telling me”, she said.

”You mean that there always was a plan”, I asked.

”Yes, it was agreed that way”, she answered.

”Ooohh, it’s difficult. My dog is going to die soon…..and soon a very good friend will die..”

Elisabeth told me that she never had an intention to ask for that information. She was just told, and she felt stressed and uneasy with her experience.

I have kept contact with her, and the summer after her experience (2003) with the three Masters, a very close friend had been to do some work on her house. A couple of months later he suddenly became ill, and he died within a month due to liver cancer.

Elisabeth never complained, because she told me that she was given an opportunity to do things she wouldn’t have done, without the prediction. Another few months passed, and then her dog died.

My impression of Elisabeth was that these predictions helped her to focus on things she knew was important. I know that she treasured the time she had with her dog before he died. Now she could prepare herself. We know that sometimes the loss of a loved pet can be just as stressful as the loss of a relative.

My personal experience is that this sort of information is available for a very small number of people. To know that you are going to win the lottery is one thing, but to know that someone is going to die is a completely different cup of tea. It seems that we all have hunches or intuitive feelings about major things that are going to happen. Almost like an invisible plan. Fortunately we have been provided with memory blocks of the true plan.

I suspect that we wouldn’t learn anything on this planet, if we knew our own destinies. Some of course, think that there is no plan. We just live and die. I am very happy to disagree!

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