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The physical world is a necessity in order for the the Universal force (God, Brahma, Allah, etc.) to reflect and experience itself from a physical perspective. If you dream about winning lotto, it is certainly different when you do this physically. 

The physical world is also deliberately much slower than the spiritual world. In order for humans to gather experience, evolve and transcend into higher dimensions, it is necessary to have not one but many lives. Unfortunately the laws of physics works much slower than we anticipated, and suddenly we are pulled into the gravidity and energy of existing physically. Since we are equipped with memory blocks in order to make choices and grow, we don't have the true answers we so often seek. We simply have to walk the path of life full of good and bad decisions.

On top our lives are very limited in time. In fact a human life is but a sudden thought of the Universal mind. If we had eternal physical lives, we would generally be unlikely to change. Greed, selfishness and pain would grow out of proportions, and only a handful could possibly benefit. 

Science is the tool that if used with wisdom and great care, we would develop much faster as a human specie. Sadly again, science has often been abused and created for control and power. The nuclear bomb, surveillance of humans, and lockdowns, are good examples of how the few control the many. 

If we are able to infuse spirituality into sciences, wonderful things could happen. That is unfortunately not the plan of the few. We could look at humans as merely monkey's walking around with nuclear bombs and terrible weapons of mass destruction. That is a clear indication of the fact that we our spirits have only taken a few steps, whilst the monkey's are running ahead screaming with all their new tools.

It is not my belief but my deep ancient understanding that we need to wake up from the illusion created around us. Integrating spirituality into sciences is a necessity if we want to survive and evolve as a future possible member of the intergalactic federation. 

This is my simple way of encouraging all of us to contribute to a world of unity, love and care.

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