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Higher beings

soul ascending by Josh Hutchinson.jpg

Photo Joel Hutchinson

This drawing made by one female client depicts what she experienced as a master of Healing. It’s interesting that several other clients has reported the same Master. One woman was shocked to find out about this painting when she had finished her therapy. She told me that she “couldn’t believe that someone else had made this” prior to her own experience, where she encountered the same being.

There seems to be a whole variety of Masters. Some of them are:

  • Masters of The Nursery – newborn souls – The Case The Nursery

  • Masters of Healing of Souls – Spiritual Healing Centre

  • Masters of Life Selections – Room of Life Selection

  • Redeemers of lost souls – The case – I Stay By My Horse

  • Masters of Alteration of Space-Time

  • Masters of Healing of Animals

  • Masters of Energies

  • Keepers of the Books of Lives – The Library

  • Observers

  • Rainbow Spring (energy)

  • Masters of Philosophy

If you want to read about a clients discussion with her Master, you can go to The Three Masters.

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