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Image by Maximilian Meyer

Photo: Maximilian Meyer

This woman was referred to me due to an almost disabling anxiety. She described herself as “sobbing”, and she cried continuously outside my office.

I had now idea about the extent of her trauma. As a 12 year old girl living her last previous life happily with her family in Austria, this girl lost her parents before she was shot by the German Nazis. During this process we came across Pat’s guides and this part of the therapy is particularly interesting due to the amount of information that was relayed. Pat could consciously only speak English, but during her hypnotherapy she spoke German. This phenomena called xenoglossy, is when a person is able to speak a language that he or she could not have acquired by natural means


Pat was shot in her back when she was trying to run away from Nazis. As this girl, Pat was 12 years old and she was severly traumatized by this experience, even as a soul. Before she was shot, the Nazis had executed her parents a few days earlier. Pat’s brother managed to join the resistance, and Pat described how she now saw him sitting by a fireplace somewhere in France. He was an old man with white hair. He still kept an old photograph of his family from Austria. In his pocket was an old photo of Pat as a lovely young smiling girl.

This is a transcript were certain names has been changed in order to safeguard confidentiality. The transcript is from the part where Pat communicate with her guides.

“If I now may, I would now like to speak to Li Tan, because Li Tan is the one who’s knowledgeable. Is that right?”
“If I now speak to you Li Tan, through Pat, how can you assist her with your knowledge?”
“….I….help her to see…help her to see that man is so evil…man is evil…she has to put right evil that man does.”
“How can she do that?”
“By helping most of less fortunate.”
“Whom are they?”
Masters creatures.”
“And what is she supposed to do with her life, because she has been her four times before, and she has managed to achieve incredible things in just four lives. Isn’t that true?”
“It happens.”
“It happens. Have often does it happen that a soul manage to achieve so much in just a few lives?”
“Rarely. So we could say that Pat is a rare character, a rare soul?”
“Does it mean that you are now unhappy with what she has achieved?”
“She is too trusting. Trust the wrong people.”
“I see. Why did she manage to achieve so much within just a few lives?”
“Because she has a….special spirit.”
“What kind of spirit is that?”
“What does it mean?”
“Loving…trusting…trusting the wrong people.”
“And why has she chosen to work with animals?”
“Because their spirits don’t…they never any different…they know no evil…they kill to live…not for pleasure.”
“I see. They kill to live. Not for pleasure.”

“Then I would like to make use of your third guide Azaria, from India. She is the gentle one, isn’t she? So now I speak to Azaria through you. That’s the third one. If I speak to you now Azaria, what is the most important for Pat to achieve now in this life?”
“A goal…must set a goal.”
“What kind of goal?”
“Too watch…she needs…what she wants’ to achieve…what she seeks to achieve she can achieve through us.”
“And why did she forget to do that before she came here?”
“She didn’t have the chance…it was taken away.”
“And why didn’t she have the chance?”
“Because a man took her life before she could do it.”
“You mean the previous life as the young girl?”
“They took her life so she didn’t have a chance.”
“So in this life now she must try to correct that and do what she was supposed to do?”
“That’s right.”
“And what is she supposed to do?”
“She is supposed to care….for the master’s creatures…”
“Care for the master’s creature. I see. Why did she then forget to do that in this life as Pat It took her 50 years.”
“What kind of circumstances?”
“Her life took the wrong road.”
“And what was that?”
“She was persuaded by others.”
“Persuaded by others to do what?”
“To do what they wanted her to do.”
“She did what others wanted. Not what she wanted herself. I see. And now Azaria, do you think it is possible for her to get back on the track?”
“With help.”

Pat then spoke about the “Philosophers”.
“Whom are the Philosophers?”
“They are my guides.”
“What would they like to tell us?”
“That you should…sometimes listen…to what’s in your heart, not what’s in your head.”
“Is that what you want Pat to do?”
“Follow your dream!”
“And what is that?”
“What ever you want in life, follow your dream.”
“And Pat, your other guide Azaria, has she been living in India?”
“Many hundreds of years ago..”
“Where about in India?”
“L….i…..g….e….wrong way around.”

I then gave her instructions to relax more and try to become “all knowing”.
“Now…you hear it clearly, where she used to live in India. You tell me.”
“No it isn’t Bangladesh.”
“..Oh..(or no) Bangladesh”
“But that’s not India!”
“No. But she is an Indian lady. She has a green…sari….whith gold…beautiful sash…green and gold…piece across her chest.”
“Is it made of gold?”
“Yeah…she has one…one…yellow stone…on her head…I can’t see her hair.”
“What does that stone symbolize?”
“I don’t know…it’s…it’s the colour of the light…yellow…gold…”
“And what is the colour of her soul?”
“Do you see any other colours around her?”
“And what is your colour?”
“And what does blue stand for when we talk about human awareness. What is blue? What does it represent”
“Blue is the colour of healing.”
“The colour of healing…that is correct..What else does it represent?”
“The darker the blue…the more power you have to heal.”
“So how dark is your colour Azari?”
“Sky blue.”
“Does it mean that you need to get it darker?”
“Are you then now pleased with Pat and the progress she has made. She’s been her only five sessions, and now she is clearly changing?”
“She knows I am here helping…and pushing..”
“And you are probably helping her more than I am.”
“Why not?”
“You are the physical help…we are the mental help.”

“So in this state of altered consciousness you achieve something different. Is that right?”
“So all together, Broken Arrow, Azaria and Li Tan, what do we need to give Pat in order for her to heal herself?”
“And she will get there?”
“Of course!”
“Does it disturb you, Pat’s guides, that I don’t do the session alone, but do it with another doctor today. Is that a problem?”
“Why not?”
“Because people need to learn.”
“Would it be more difficult if it was a colleague who didn’t really enjoy, who didn’t really believed that it would be possible to heal a person through this type of therapy?”
“Waste of time!”

“Is there something else important? (I noticed her doing something with her right hand above her right thigh).”
“What are you doing?”
“I have a white cat.”
“What are you doing with the white cat?”
“Its sitting on my knee.”
“Is that the cat Broken Arrow spoke about last time?”
“Mmm. It needs a home. Very unusual. Has blue eyes.”
“Where would you like this cat to go?”
“She says it…ahh…she says it be given to the little boy.”
“Which boy?”
“The boy…ahh…Christopher…give it to Christopher.”
“How do you know all this, Pat?”
“Because Azaria is telling me…”
“That boy is very found of animals. He has never ill treated an animal in his whole life. He only wants to save them and keep them.”
“Special soul. Guard him closely. He is a special soul.”
“It was very nice of Azaria.”
“They are going.”


Guide Li Tan

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