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The House in Portugal

Image by Pedro de Sousa

In this life a woman returns to a surprising life in Portugal. She had told me that she had been to Portugal once, and that she loved the sea and the views. Stories like this are very common, but for the person involved it can be a turning moment i life. One simple reason is the fact that the facilitator have very little knowledge about the clients real experience and how people are related, both in the past and present.

”What are you doing”, I asked.

”I’m standing by water…looking out”, she answered”.

”Mmm, water? What do you have on your feet? What sort of clothes do you wear”, I


”Nothing on my feet. I’ve got a blue dress”, she said.

”Is it a sea?”


”Go towards the place where you live. Look around. What do you see”, I asked.

”I see a big stone house. A lot of people are working further away. I can’t understand what they say. Yes, I live in that big stone house”, she said.

”When I count from 3 to one you will understand what they say. 3, 2, 1, now you

understand”, I said.

”Enter the house. Any furniture?”

Her answers were all delayed. Sometimes it took minutes before she answered.

”Yes, there is furniture”, she said.

”Walk in to the room where you can find people. What are they doing”, I asked.”

”There are several men in red coats around a table. Mmm, They have open books in front of them. I am 15 – 16 years old. I’m learning something…. It’s important. They look seriously at me”, she continued. Now almost irritated by my presence..

”Look in to the eyes of these men. Do you recognize any of them, I asked.”

A long moment of silence followed..

”Yes, it’s my brother. Not as you think….he’s my uncle… he is my uncle in this life”, she said.

”Are you learning how to calculate”, I asked.”

”Something like that, but yet not quite right……..”.

”Approach one of these men. Look in to his book. Turn up the first page. What year do you see”, I asked.

En another moment of silence.

”It says 17….176….1763”, she answered.

”We are now moving 5 years ahead in your life. What are you doing”, I asked.”

”I am looking out through a window. I’m longing to get away, but I can’t leave this place. It’s difficult”, she said.

”We are moving further ahead in your life. You are working. What are you doing”, I


”I’m sitting by a table and signing a document. I decide things about people….…”, she said.

”What are you? Judge? Governor? Queen, I asked.”

I got no answers. She said she didn’t know.

”We have now reached your death. Are you at home? Are you on your own”, I asked.

”I’m not at home, and I’m not lonely. I am old”, she said.

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