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This is a transcript from a session with a woman who talks about being taken by her Master to The Hall of Divine Knowing. This is the only time I have come across this place with any clients.

“Where are you now ?”
“Mmm, I’m with my Master in a huge… looks like a huge hall…”
“What kind of hall?”
“It’s very high columns. Very high ceiling.”
“This is like, it’s weird. This is like a….you got a window on the earth…yeah…so it’s like you can look…you can look down on what’s happening on earth at a time.”
“I see. The you can look down on earth now…and what is it…”
“I can look at the whole world….”
“And I am sure he has taken us there to show us something. What is that?”
“It’s sort of things…really hard to put in to words, because…I find it difficult to express…but it’s like the planet earth is in trouble…”

“Which we know. At the moment it looks like a beautiful jewel. There is a danger that…hmm…souls may not be able to live there!”
“Is that dangerous physically or spiritually?”
“It’s because…ehhh…human isn’t perfect and they make really stupid mistakes, and they don’t deal with physical problems the way it should be dealt with, to save the earth.”

“So what he show us, is it that we will have more earthquakes, Tzunamis, nuclear world warfare…what is it?”
“Oh it’s a combination of all those things…it could make the entire planet inhabitable.”

“For the spiritual world the earth is so precious. It’s a thing of beauty, it’s a thing we all love, we have many past experiences of our lives there, and we….in the spiritual world, we don’t want it destroyed. We want to be able to keep it.”

“And that’s why this Master has taken you and me in to this attic to look down. And let’s now for a moment listen to him now. Let him tell you what it is they want you or us to know.!”

“I don’t get much information, but we are like saviours, and I think that’s why you are going to be a (this word has been removed – forgive me)…we are such…being used as tools as saviours, not used in the sense of abused or anything like that, but the…spirit world can use us like tools…because it’s so important to save the precious earth.”

“It is difficult, because it is completely different from being a human being. I don’t have…I don’t have the restrictions of a human mind…I don’t…I’m not…I don’t have any sense of time here. I don’t have any influence on society around me. It’s pure.

“Is there a name of that place?”
“It’s a Hall of Divine Knowledge.”
“Hall of Divine Knowledge. I see. Why did he take you there?”
“Because I’m a very advanced soul, and maybe I come here only one more time and then I am allowed to go there.”
On your own?”
“I’m with my Master. You have to have a knowledge and wisdom and experience before you can go.”

“That’s really nice. I’ve just been…that feels so nice…I’ve been paved in light…it’s so nice…it’s the way the truth…the light is the truth…that feels so nice..”

“What are the colours like in the Divine Hall of Knowledge?”
“I can’t see any colours. The light…the light that have envelope
d’s white…it’s not white…not like I paint’s almost like it’s come from’s so…indescribable beautiful…”

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