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The Carpenters daughter

Image by Jamie Morrison
Mary was a 40 years old nurse in a county hospital. She was married and had two children and a happy marriage. Mary was well educated and particularly fond of natural sciences and mathematics. After a flight to USA, she started developing an intense anxiety, particularly a strong fear of dying. After a couple of normal sessions, she agreed trying to explore the real truth behind this crippling fear.

“You see, we were out in our new boat on Lake Vattern, and suddenly I felt this terrifying fear. My husband couldn’t understand why I had to hold on so hard to the gunwale”, she said.

During her most important session, she was suddenly standing in front of her uncle’s old ban.

“I look through these old windows and suddenly I see a man inside. He’s a carpenter. Everything is neat and tidy. Suddenly I look through his eyes and I see sadness and a very young little girl in a boat. Somehow she managed to get in to that boat, although she’s only 4 years old. The boat is now out on this dangerous huge lake and she falls over board. I can see how she is drowning and slowly drifting towards the grey and dark bottom of the lake. They never found her, and her father was devastated. I can feel her anxiety and fear when she drowns! Ohhh, this is me…..but it can’t be me….”

Mary was struggling to comprehend and accept these facts. That took some time. It was against everything she knew, but perfectly in line with her inner higher self. When she started to slowly accept all this, her deep anxiety started to fade away. At last she was able to cut down and slowly come off her tranquilizers. When I saw her in late May 2011, I was convinced that she was going to be alright again!

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