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Remote viewing

Image by William Bayreuther

Photo: William Bayreuther

Remote viewing (RV) is the practice of seeking impressions about a distant or unseen target using paranormal means, in particular, extra-sensory perception (ESP) or sensing with mind. This practice has been used by governments and perhaps research facilities in order to access specifically classified or hidden information. Stanford research Institute and Institute of Noetic Sciences did research on the subject from the 1970’s. The US Army picked up some research where CIA terminated their interests 1979. The most famous results from these years were the description of “a big crane” at a Soviet nuclear research facility by Pat Price’s, and Joseph McMoneagle, and a description of a new class of Soviet strategic submarine by a team of three viewers including McMoneagle.


Perhaps the film “Minority report” is based on some of these experiments. Rosemary Smith’s location of a downed Soviet bomber in Africa was another famous achievement. Subsequently this was referred to by former President Carter.

What might be regarded as more intriguing is the fact that RV was used by ancient Egypt. In order to avoid foreign invasions, “Lookers” were trained from childhood to master these skills.  Kam or today Egypt was protected by an advanced spiritual method, far surpassing our modern technology with it’s physical limitations. The “Lookers” were also trained to send messages between temples. Knowing this it becomes clear why Egypt was superior to all her competitors. It is still the same today. Intelligence is the key to survival.  The most advanced RV’s were “Lookers of Maat”. They were superior natural talents, hand picked by special lector priests at a young age. In ancient Egyptian, these priests were perhaps called hrw-hbt. The “Lookers of Maat” would be trained to do OBE’s on demand, and no secrets could be hidden for their amazing skills. This was the ancient Egypt’s ultimate weapon. I am sure that it would be regarded the same even today. When “Lookers” would survey the borders and send messages whilst at sleep, “Lookers of Maat” would use their skills whenever necessary. Today their skills could be interpreted as an altered state of consciousness without the need of induction with any drugs.

Professor Richard Wiseman, a psychologist at the University of Hertfordshire and a fellow of the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry (CSI) in England confirm that remote viewing exists but:

“I agree that by the standards of any other area of science that remote viewing is proven, but begs the question: do we need higher standards of evidence when we study the paranormal? I think we do. (…) if I said that a UFO had just landed, you’d probably want a lot more evidence. Because remote viewing is such an outlandish claim that will revolutionize the world, we need overwhelming evidence before we draw any conclusions. Right now we don’t have that evidence.”

Richard Wiseman Daily Mail, January 28, 2008, pp 28–29.

I will give account of remote viewing by some of my clients. During a session with one woman, something very surprising happened.


“I can see a book with man stretching out his arms and legs inside a circle. Well….he’s also inside a cube…strange…”

“Can you read any information about the author”, I asked.

“Yes, there are some lines but they are too difficult to read, but at the bottom right I can read da Vinci”.

For the first time I invited this woman into my office at the Outpatient Clinic. On top of my desk was a book called “Holy Geometry” by Drunvalo Melchizedek. One of the first pages depicts Leonardo da Vinci’s famous drawing “The Vitruvian man”. There is indeed some hand written texts but also his signature by the bottom right hand corner. My client’s feat was indeed astonishing!

Several client have been able to identify my past childhood without knowing anything about me personally. My own explanation is that during an efficient session, the client seem to be able to connect into the mind/brain of the facilitator. This seems to be particularly the case when the facilitator touch the subjects hand.

One day a client shook the hand of an Indian Consultant Psychiatrist visiting one of my sessions before heading back home to New Delhi. He was almost shocked when the client started to relay a message to him about his work in India.

“How do you know all this about my colleague”, I asked.

“Well, I shook his hand when I arrived. By doing that you immediately connect to another subject, but on a subconscious level”, the woman answered.


The fire officer who suffered from immense anxiety recovered, but during one of his last sessions he told me the following:

“How weird! I can see my neighbour. It’s a lady and I know consciously that she has fallen ill. Now I know exactly what’s wrong with her. She suffers from cancer in her leg, but she will recover!”

The following session he came back and told me that he had to knock on the ladies door and ask how she was.

“She told me that she had just been diagnosed with cancer in her leg.”

“I told her that you will be just fine”, he said smilingly.


From my own experience I am convinced that certain levels of information are impossible to access by using remote viewing. The reason is simple. Higher beings or dimensions have the power to prohibit humans from accessing information that could easily fall into the wrong hands. We should be grateful for that. Humans are still very primitive and more likely to abuse than unselfishly bless their brothers and sisters with these very special gifts.

Aborigines have used remote viewing through their dream walkers, and other cultures have used the same technique. When travelling in Australia 1987, I came across a story where a “dream walker” helped authorities to locate two lost men. The question is if we have lost these gifts so widely used by ancient cultures like the Egyptian, or if we are slowly closing in on the subject?

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