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Father and Children
Michael Newton has in his books, given many examples of how souls seems to belong to a certain soul group from the very beginning of their creation. Members of this group often reincarnate together, sometimes at different times and places around the world.

And suddenly these soul-mates meets at the most amazing place and incredible moment. All carefully planned by the soul-group, but hidden behind memory blocks, as soon as consciousness and the human body start its journey. The mission is now for these souls to fulfil their plans, challenges and meetings. Suddenly it seems less likely that life’s complexity is made up by coincidences created by dices thrown by an invisible player.

In the spiritual world many clients report that everything is well organized and structured. Like individual grapes belonging to clusters, they all create bigger and bigger groups. Souls make up a complex pattern not far from beautiful Mandelbrot curves – mathematical fractals.

Each soul group is then located according to its needs. Often the group advance to higher levels through eons of times, but individual souls sometimes make remarkable leaps themselves. Then it leaves the group and join a more advanced one. It’s almost like starting in a nursery and then slowly make it through up to a Master Degree!

A soul brings energy in to life. Some energy is always left as an “insurance policy” to help the soul recover after a hard life. It’s possible that we also reload ourselves during dreams when we re-connect with the other part. If the soul brings to little energy, problems will eventually develop. This client is one example.

Here Roxanne reports from her first contact with her soul group during a session. First she regress through her age and then she re-enters her mother’s womb. This is followed by the death during her last previous incarnation. She is now ready to travel back to her true home.

“My guide Running Water is here. He has feathers in his hairs. My dear friend Linda who died during her pregnancy is also here. She is a very young white soul.”

“Describe your soul group! They are all in front of you”, I said.

“I recognize Linda my dear friend, my grandfather, my ex husband and my son….mmmm…my ex husband tells me that we made an agreement that one of my challenges would be to be left due to our divorce.”

She suddenly smiled and appeared happy, when finding out a higher meaning behind her divorce that had caused her such a lot of pain and depression.

“How much energy did you bring with you Roxanne?”

“I took only 40 %…..I realize know that it was a mistake…..but I felt sure it would be enough before I left”, she said.

When she reconnected with her other 60 % she started to feel less tired and exhausted.

Her depression and chronic lack of energy was related to this spiritual phenomenon of “energy deficiency”.


Cluster of millions of soul groups across the stars (Mandelbrot perspective).

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