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At the well by Crystal Close

Patricia had always been a very strong and physical woman. According to herself she was in fact far more physical than her husband.  When she was young she was good and fond of field and track. She did particularly well in shot put, javelin and sledgehammer. She was happy with her body and sexual identity but when I first saw her she was concerned about having had to been through plastic surgery of her breasts and very complicated surgery of her intimate parts. A major issue for Patricia was that she found it increasingly difficult to accept that she, this very physical woman, was now becoming weak, frail and depressed.


”I am walking towards a dwell of stone….I put my hands on the dwell. The people I can see, are all dressed in white, me included.”

“Who are you? Touch your body and look at yourself!”

“I am Xeres and I am responsible for this dwell. People want more, but I have to make sure that it is fair. Sometimes I have to say no.”

“Where do you live?”

“In a small house made of mud.  We live on the countryside in Greece. It’s quite dry here.”

“Try to focus…I will help you visualize numbers. Let’s start with our current year 2013. Now we are moving backwards. These numbers will stop when you reach this particular year in Greece. What year is it?”


“Can you hear or see the name of this place where you live?”

“Something about Pelos…can’t see that very clear.”

“When you look into the eyes of you family members, do you recognize anyone from your present life?”

“When I look into the eyes of my wife, I recognize my son from my current life in  Sweden. When I look into the eyes of Xeres son I can see my own father in this life.”

“Does Xeres do anything else?”

“Yes, he inspect spears”

“Is there any town near where Xeres lives?”

“Yes, but it takes two days to walk there.”

“How did Xeres die?”

“He died quite young. I can see him on the floor in front of his wife in their little house. Some elderly women have gathered around his dead body.”

“What did Xeres learn from his life?”

“He was taught how to be fair by distributing the water and to say no when people were asking for too much.”

This particular session helped Patricia to understand that she had to accept and come to terms with her female body, although her soul was missing Xeres strength and power. In fact Patricia recently told me that her therapy also affected her husband.

“Well, I’ve told my husband, that it’s time for him to put the trouser back on…I do admit that I’v been the one who’s been in charge, but now my husband is coming forward, and it certainly strengthens our relationship”, she said smilingly. Her PLR experience helped her immensely to put herself into context. Something that would have been impossible with “talking” therapies.

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