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The Crimean War


Women nurses tending wounded soldiers as “woman’s mission”. Lithograph by J. A. Vinter, 1854, after H. Barraud. Wellcome Collection

This PLR (Past Life Regression) gives excellent details of a nurse during the Crimean War 1855. It contains the type of details that are possible to verify through different records.

“I am Millie Franks from Whitechapel in London. I live with my parents in a quite nice house, not far from the park. I had a friend, Juan, when I grew up, but he moved away.”

“What do you like doing Millie?”

“ I like going down to the market.”

“You have now moved forward in your life Millie. You are older. Where are you”, I asked.

“Ohhh, it’s the Crimean war. I’m in a tent and there are so many injured people. Some are dying.”

“Why do they fight?”

“It’s about politics and I don’t know anything about it. England is at war against Russia as Turkeys allies. I left England and my boyfriend Jack. I used to do a lot of bad things”, she said.

“What kind of bad things”, I asked.

“Like going out with Jack without a chaperone”, she said.

“The work is extremely demanding. I went there to help people.“

I asked her to go to the most important day during the life as Millie. Suddenly she appeared tense and when speaking she was breathing rapidly.

“What happens”, I asked.

“Ohh, I am absolutely shocked…they have brought Jack in to the hospital, and a part of his leg has been cut off. He is bleeding profusely. The surgeon is trying to save him, but Jack dies. I have let him down twice”, she said.

“Twice? How””

“First by leaving him and England, and then by not saving his life. He had only been in the war for a few days, before he got killed. I think he enrolled the Army to get close to me”, she said apparently shaken.

Millie returned to England and lived with her parents until they died. She continued to work at a London Hospital.

“How much do you earn”, I asked.

“Oh, just a few pence a month. It’s just enough to pay for my uniform and the food.”

“How did you die?”

“By consumption. I probably caught it from some of the patients.”

Consumption was a term used to describe how people were consumed by tuberculosis (Dr W).

“What was the most important lesson you learned during Millies life?”

“To work hard to help other people, but I ignored to care for myself and I didn’t let people in to my life.

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