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Since the dawn of mankind's presence on Earth, our lives have been affected more or less by the belief that we are more than just a human beings. Initially primitive superstition and a diverse range of religious beliefs were created, not so much to honour the human soul, but to create fear, obedience and control. There has indeed been previous civilisations that were perhaps more advanced than ours today. Yet, we have been indoctrinated to conform and obey what our educational system has taught us. That we are advanced now, and that others always know what's in our best interest. That our first ancestors were the Sumerians creating a written language.


Little has remained in the public domain of lost civilisations like the Atlanteans and Mu. If life ceased to exist now, little evidence would be left of our presence after 10 000 years. Ignorance is a bad friend, worse a deliberate decision to deny humans the truth about their origin and existence. we are now at the same junction as those civilisations previously lost due to ignorance and control.

Little or nothing has been told about previous civilisations, that like our present, were all doomed to rise and fall. The first settlers, perhaps 200 000 years ago were species created by far more advanced civilisations than our own can ever dream about. As such we were the genetic experiment Universe was hoping could create something very special. A potential future candidate for the Galactic Federation. When we now ourselves create cloned animals and humans, we foolishly think it is the first time in history. And since the few control the many, most have been indoctrinated to believe that we are the only ones in the whole of Universe.


With deep concerns other civilisations observe our destructive forces, and hope that enlightenment and peace can again return to planet Earth.

Spirituality is not a religion. It is an energy constantly present, yet often ignored and ridiculed in a society where thinking, creating and controlling make us think we are the Masters of our future.


In order to survive as a specie during these historical times even in context of our galaxy, we must unanimously unite to create a true connection between mind, body and soul. Such a mission will lead to anger, opposition and  even war. That is because those in control foolishly think they can remain, when the law of the Universe is change.


Everything is a cycle, expanding and returning to its ultimate source. 2020 has taught the whole world that everything can change within matters of days. These exceptional times has long been foreseen by other more advanced civilisations. Many souls wanted to be part of this. Not all were granted a ticket. Ask yourself what future you want? Soon you will be part of it.

Change will come, and the human civilisation will change, but in a direction not anticipated by those who believe they can create tyranny, war  and obedience. Like a tsunami, spirituality and enlightenment will sweep them all away, and we will no doubt take a monumental step into a new world order of love, harmony and unity.


The only force that can make us survive is spirituality. When combined with advanced modern science we will truly evolve beyond the monkey's state. 

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