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The Gateway

Greek Paradise

When a person die, all my hundreds of clients usually report that either they knew or it came as a shock, that their consciousness survived and continued to live beyond death. Every time I witness someone claiming not to have any faith nor any belief in after life, it’s one of the most wonderful and rewarding moments to witness when they discover the opposite. The known can no longer be unknown!

Most clients responding to hypnotherapy and PLR (Past Life Regression), report that after death, most things are much easier. After sometimes an initial phase of confusion, many souls continue to what they describe as the light. During this report, travelling  faster than the speed of light, through what seems to be a tunnel or a cord of light. At the end of the tunnel there is a light, and when the soul suddenly exits, it usually describe The Gateway, or the entrance in to the Spiritual realm.

Usually the soul is guided or greeted by either family souls, close friends, it’s own soul group or the souls own guides when arriving. Often the greeting group is described to be arranged in a diamond or semicircular pattern. Many people report that this is often like a tremendous home coming, full of joy and happiness. Some people have even reported that their soul groups arranged the most wonderful Welcome party! One woman reported the following:

“Oh, my friends have arranged a welcome party. And to make sure I remember they have arranged everything as one of those wonderful moments I had in my life during the early 1600 when my daughter got married. We are dancing and enjoying everything once again”.

Sometimes the soul is so tired and hurt by pain, suffering and the recent death, that it must be taken care of by healing souls and brought in to the Healing Garden of Souls. One woman reported:

“Oh, I am so tired and affected by negative energy after being executed by the Nazis. I go to the crystal clear water, where I can swim peacefully. It’s a bubble and inside this I feel calm and relaxed”.

Other souls are attached by so much negative energy either due to what they have done or through suffering, that they have to be brought to the Healing Masters. Some people have described that a severely damaged soul might need to stay in this environment for hundred of earth years! Once they have been rejuvenated and healed, they can go back to their soul group, or return to The Council of elders or other duties within the spiritual realm.

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