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Council of Elders

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The Council of Elders refers to very old and wise souls. These are higher beings that seems to have reached a state where they advise and guide souls through their lives. Clients sometimes refer going to the Council before a certain life, but others refer to meeting the Council after a life of certain and important challenges.

Surprisingly often independent clients of each other report of a number of Council members, usually with a Chair. There is usually a mix of males and females, although we need to remember that souls can choose to manifest either way. The Chair according to many clients often have a medallion around his/her neck, symbolising a specific message to the individual soul. It is possible that interactions/transference between the client and the facilitator create these phenomena.

I have never heard one single client mention that The Council either judge, condemn or express any form of anger or negative nergy. Every life is reviewed from a higher point of learning, and most clients refer to this meeting as very important. Many go there with support from their guides, and some find it difficult to meet the Council Then guides intervene and help the soul to clarify queestions and behavior. It happens that The Council can express disappointment in light of expectations of a certain soul, but even then the Council will comfort and support the soul.


Report from The Council

Clive went to the Council of Elders together with his guide Albert.

“There are three males behind a table….The middle one has got a chain attached to a medallion around his neck.”
“What do you see inside the medallion”, I asked.
“An old man with a white beard….”. He suddenly started to laugh, and continued.
“I can see now that the old man is actually me.”

The Council asked Clive if he had any questions, and Clive told me he indeed did.
He asked about his whole existence.
“The Chair tells me that I will have to let go….I realise now that during my whole life I have been extremely scared of dying…..but I realise that there is no need for such a fear….hmmm they tell me I am a good man”.

Mr C was asked to attend The Council of Elders if they accepted him.

“There are seven council members here, almost dressed in suites. There is a male chair but there is also two females. They tell me that they somehow were disappointed I he didn’t do well enough at school. They neither judge or blame me but rather comment how my life has been….although I have been so aggressive…even inside the womb I never felt comfortable.”

Six weeks later we did something unusual. We went back to the Council since I thought they could help him reflect on a more advanced soul level.

This time Mr C described five higher beings behind a table. The Chair was male, two were females and three males.
“They are dressed in quite black, almost blue robes. They are pleasant and they tell me that they are surprised about the extent of my change”.
“How do they know that you have changed”, I asked.
“They tell me that they knew by the time I felt sadness through my soul last week when my friends left me and drove away on their motor bikes.” He continued without being asked.
“They tell me that my soul or personality could be interpreted as a tower with horns. The horns are gone and left is the tower symbolising the personal strength I have achieved.”

After rejuvenating her soul with energy in the Spiritual Healing CentreRoxanne was happy to visit The Council of elders where she appeared without her guides. She described seven council members.


Roxannes Tree symbolising her life

'“The Chair has a golden disc around his neck…I can’t see what it depicts…”
“Move closer and take a snapshot of this disc when I advise you to.”
“There is a golden disc with a tree in the middle. This tree symbolise me and the importance of me taking care of myself. The Council encourages me to explore myself”, she said.
“There is also another disc on a red ribbon/ It has strange letters in a circle around the edge. There is a picture of a temple in the middle…I don’t forget this.”


The disc with The Temple

You can find Laureens experience of a different Council here.

I killed her

Laura was a woman that found that in a previous life she killed her sister. This sister was now her stepdaughter. Laura had a history of being violent and she had clear emotional problems. She reported from a meeting with the Council.

“They are not pleased with me….I can see a knife…yes I killed her…and then I killed myself.”
“Look in to the eyes of the person you kill! Who is it”, I asked.
“It’s my stepdaughter”, she said.

Laura was encouraged to reach out for her stepdaughter, and of course forgive herself.

In her current life, Laura’s stepdaughter suffers from a “whole” in her heart since birth. This inborn heart murmur or congenital heart defect (affects 8/1000 babies) does have striking resemblance with external birthmarks described by late Professor Ian Stevenson, USA.

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