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Under predictions you will find some amazing information about the future of our human race and our planet. Neither do I want to, or have any intention to publish this information due to a need of attention. Some of these reports are 8 years old, but I think that it is in the best interest of mankind to publish this. If we use it wisely, it can help us to understand that we have a choice.

But it is important to leave a disclaimer! Visiting the past is one thing, but going in to the future is something completely different. Some will indeed regard this as utter nonsense, other are perhaps overly enthusiastic. Very few clients actually do this. Sometimes it happens spontaneously, and other times the client have a specific question that she/he need to address.

It does neither take a prophet or an oracle to understand that our planet is in real danger. Melting ice, rising temperatur, earth quakes, tzunamis, and floodings are all very clear and concrete signs. Once the planet has reached the level of seriously disturbed energy systems (critical level), then there is very little humans can do to reverse this cycle. Can we understand this and is it possible to predict? I would like to introduce some information both from the past and perhaps from the future.

Ancient wisdom and oracles

The ancient and wise Egyptians had dream temples and priests trained in the art of “seeing”. We can without doubt conclude that we still don’t know why the Egyptians had such a vast understanding and knowledge about science and spirituality.

In Greece they had for a considerable time the famous Oracle in Delphi.

Most cultures have had or have their own local seers or oracles. Wether it is the Samis in the north of Lapland, the state Oracle of Tibet or a dream walker amongst the aborigines in Australia, they have all served the same purpose. To comfort and support confused and worried human souls.

In the Instruction of Amenemope, man is warned against steering himself with his tongue because ‘the Universal Lord is the pilot’ of the ship of human life.



                                                                             maak                                hrw


Maak-hrw meant that one is true of voice – how important in a world full of lies!

                                                                                              ©  Hieroglyphs with courtesy from Mark Millmore



Do not accuse a man,
When the news of an escape is concealed.
If you hear something good or bad,
Say it outside, where it is not heard;
Set a good report on your tongue,
While the bad thing is covered up inside you.

Some clients have reported experiences very much like the most famous and accurate medium in the world,

Edgar Cayce, who past over in 1945. Cayce made more than 14000 readings and most of them seem to have been very accurate. Some of my clients predictions can be cross-checked quite soon, others are still many years ahead of us.

Many predictions seem to involve the state of our rapidly deteriorating planet, and major changes that are due to take place soon. If this is true, this seems to coincide well with predictions by the Mayans when the great cycle with 13 baktuns come to an end, and we move in to the fifth sun. According to the Mayans this will be be a fusion of both feminine and masculine energies. It will be a transition where there won’t be any more confrontations between the polarities. It is not the end of our civilization as many would like us to believe. It is instead the end of one cycle, and the beginning of a new! For those interested, Popol Vuh, translated by Father Francisco Ximénez of the Dominican Order, published in Vienna, 1857, is an interesting source.

Other famous predictions were made by the French Royal Physician to King Charles IX, Nostradamus, (1503 – 1566).

In the Bible we find prophecies in Genesis, Daniel, Ezekiel, the revelations and many more.

In “The Prophecies of the Holy Qur’an,” Q.I. Hingora, found 22 predictions cited as being found in: Sura 2:23-24; 3:10,106,107,144; 5:70; 8:7; 9:14; 15:9,96; 24:55; 28:85; 30:2-4; 41:42; 48:16-21, 27, 28; 54:44-48; 56:1-56; and Sura 110:1-2.

Predictions have always played on our minds. Most because we want to know the future, and particularly if it’s good, bringing wealth and fame to ourselves and families. Despite our modern age, predictions are still made, some good and some made out of pure greed.

The predictions published on this site are all transcripts from my clients. It is up to you to decide what you like to make out of it.

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