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The Compact English Dictionary describes consciousness as: one’s awareness or perception of something. In ancient China, the philosopher Zhuangzi wrote that “The mind of the perfect man is like a mirror. It does not lean forward or backward in its response to things. It responds to things but conceals nothing of ts own.”

What has modern physics got to do with psychiatry and consciousness? It seems that physics is far more radical than medicine and psychiatry, when trying to explain consciousness and dimensions beyond the present four dimensions of our existence. These are length, width, depth and time. By using modern physics I believe we can understand more, although far from everything, about consciousness, multi-dimensional realities and even time travel. How can we be sure that our reality is the only one?

Mr SquareThe first widely read popularisation novel about a visit to a higher dimension was the novel “Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions by a Square”, written by headmaster of City of London School, Edwin Abbot, 1884. This book became an instant success in England with numerous reprints. Briefly the novel explores flatlanders, two-dimensional figures life. In their world, discussions about the third dimension are strictly forbidden and everyone is a geometric figure. Things gets complicated when one day a Flatlander lady is paid a visit from the third dimension by Dr Quantum from You-Tube. He will help us to understand!












Today modern physicists visualise higher dimensions by examining higher-dimensional figure shadows, their cross sections, and their unravelling. One example how to visualise a cube for a Flatlander is to let a beam of light through a cube, causing a shadow which appears as a square within a square. Just as impossible for the flatlander as the shadow of a hypercube – a cube within a cube – would appear if this is rotated in four dimensions in front of our eyes. These motions would appear impossible to our restricted three-dimensional brains.

What is consciousness?

What is consciousness? What substance is it made of? It is almost impossible to reduce consciousness to matter. It seems that it has always been there. And it is difficult to explain where the feeling associated with someone’s smile came from, even if we think it was simply a neural process. And how can we possibly believe feelings exist if those are completely different from the neural entity which is responsible for consciousness? No brain theories can explain consciousness. The only way out of this dead-end is to accept that consciousness must be a physical property.

When we try to explain consciousness by reducing it to electrochemical processes, we put ourselves in a situation similar to a scientist who decides to explain electrical phenomena by using gravity. And as you already know there is no consciousness in a computer, only electronic activity through electricity.

Generally many physicists now agree that the laws of nature become simpler and elegant when expressed in higher dimensions.

The four fundamental forces discovered in nature today are the

  • Electromagnetic force

  • Weak nuclear force

  • Strong nuclear force

  • Gravitational force

Repeatedly it seems that common sense trap our ability to understand realities and dimensions beyond our own. By introducing higher dimensions it might be possible to understand some secrets of creation and also unify different field equations in to one unifying principle. Physicists know that different equations and field theories are difficult to understand, unless you see them from a higher dimensional perspective. And usually modern quantum theory violates our common sense, because nature does not seem to care much about our common sense.

I have many times thought about the fact that during hypnosis there is a clear loss of time. The past, the present and sometimes even the future seem to appear instantly. Most clients report that everything seems to be instantly now, even if the real event took place many years ago. Is that an illusion? Can pure psychology and medicine explain this? Is the brain nothing less than neurons, synapses and pure neurochemistry? Or is it time to consider the brain as a biological structure bridging its function towards an unknown structure – the quantum brain? There are often more questions than answers.

By using Einstein’s analogy, it simply means that time slows down because since the speed of light is expected to travel by a constant speed of 300 000 km/s, the only variable is time. It is then normal to expect that the therapist experiences time much slower than the client. Because in their minds they travel by completely different velocities. These relativistic effects are usually too small to be seen in everyday life, but my theory is that this quantum phenomenon of the brain is real.

And since thoughts wouldn’t normally consist of any mass, no gravitation would be expected. Thought could be the manifestations through photons that definitely don’t have any mass or gravitation. It is well known that a life without gravitation affects age, since astronauts living in space (ISL – International Space Laboratory) grow older than when living on earth with gravitation.

By observing you change the outcome of your experiment

Let us for a moment consider that thoughts can act like electrons. In fact by using the famous Feynman double-slit experiment, we can prove that at least an electron can be at two places simultaneously. It would in fact be easier for our thoughts – and we know that they are sometimes all over the place! Modern research has in fact proved that it is possible to produce teleportation’s of laser light by knowing the exact mathematical/physical structure of the laser wave emitted.

It is of course challenging to know that Heisenberg’s principle of uncertainty, state that by just observing a phenomenon, you will alter the outcome of a certain event or the result of your observation. What makes our reality even more interesting is the fact that by observing you might cause a collapse of the “real” event or the observation, something called the collapse of the wave function. This will of course have implications on our understanding of science and how we interpret our results. Do they really show the real truth?

Heisenberg’s theory states that we can never be sure where an electron is or what its velocity is. The best we can do is to calculate the probability that the electron will appear at a certain place with a certain velocity. This beautiful video explains both the double-slit and Heisenbergs principle of uncertainty. This of course, a challenge for every observation and scientifically experiment we do and observe! We need Dr Quantum again!


Although many scientists claim that the brain’s neurons fire signals through electro-chemical events, it is still unclear how thoughts are really generated. Consciousness is unlikely to arise from classical properties of matter, and the more we understand the structure and the fabric of the brain, the less we understand how consciousness can occur at all. This is well known and well testable.

Current neurobiological descriptions of the brain are based on Newton’s Physics, although Newton’s Physics has its limitations. Newton’s Physics is an offshoot of Descartes division of the Universe in matter and spirit, and it deals only with matter. As I have already pointed out, neurobiologists assume that the brain and its parts behave like classical objects, and that quantum effects are negligible, even while the “objects” they are studying get smaller and smaller.

Quantum theory states that the electron is a point particle and the wave function of the electron spread over space, moving through both holes. Further this means that there is a finite probability that particles may “tunnel” through space, and make a quantum leap through impenetrable barriers. It would, according to modern physics, at least theoretically, be possible for information or even matter to penetrate space and matter. It would then be possible to access higher dimensions or vice versa. If quantum mechanics were wrong you could not possibly listen to beautiful music which represents wave functions of dancing electrons. In fact an electron can be at two places simultaneously in the Universe. They are entangled! Dr Quantum explains:


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