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When falling into a sea of past lives experiences, it is easy to be confused and even scared. Yet, it is often a wonderful journey, full of amazing experiences, before the final goal has been achieved. Healing. To be one and whole.

Hypnosis has throughout history been subject of fear, ignorance and sometimes praise. The conscious mind is possible to control and subdue. The unconscious and subconscious part of humans, is a completely different story. In the part about history of hypnosis you can read about some of the people involved in this practice. It might be of value to know that nothing that has been revealed under hypnosis is valid in any court around the world. That is evidence enough of our societies approach to the human mind and consciousness. Yet, many like to enjoy the stage hypnotherapist making people jump like frogs and scream in fear of a bottle of water.

It would be foolish not to admit that hypnosis and especially past lives regression therapy wouldn't encounter fierce resistance. We have all grown up in an environment where thinking, constructing and controlling is real. Imagination, dreams, fantasies and hypnosis are then believed to be non-existent. Despite that most people will encounter a time in their lives when they approach someone that can offer listening, counselling, hypnosis and even healing.


I have had the honour to treat not only suffering people, but also highly scientific and well-know family members of colleagues and scientists. Behind the veil of balance, knowledge, control and authority, is always a certain level of anxiety. It is not my role to judge or belittle those in power of politics, science or even religion. It makes things much easier to treat and find a client that is grateful after a full recovery. Some of them have later become silent watchers and protectors when the sea has been rough. As you will discover I have had people even from Governments coming to ask for my help. During such times you are due to be humble and kind.

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