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Akashic records - books as far as I can see


Art: Dedic Risalahati

He waited for more than 2 years, and when he finished the therapy 2007, he said;

“I was in doubt if it was worth waiting, but now I know it was worth every second! I give the therapy 9,5/10…because nothing is perfect.”

Chris was once a very angry man. Problems at work and problems in his private life. I thought it wouldn’t be possible to help Chris. How utterly wrong I was. Chris made a remarkable recovery back to life, and this is my tribute to him!

“It is a huge library with books and shelves as far as I can see. A Keeper of The Book gives me three different books. ”

“When you open the first one, what do you see?”

“It is about my past and present life…I have been a nasty man…I have been bad at many things, but now in the present time, I have found a way to change through my soul”, Chris said.

Chris was almost impatient to move on and discover more about himself.

“The second book is about my my two sons. They often fight…I realise that my second son is almost a copy of myself!”

“Do you think you can make them fight less?”

“I wouldn’t generally interfere…”

“What about the third book”, I asked him.

“It is about my friends and my life in general.”

This experience triggered of a new experience where Chris took himself to the future. Some books actually seem to show clients not only the past or the present, but sometimes they are allowed to see snapshots of future to come. Chris first speaks about the past before continues with the future.

“I am walking by the sea with my two daughters. They are four and six years old. It is in Cornwall, and it’s actually quite some time ago. When I look at the girls I feel a lot of love, but I realise that I made a mistake by leaving them……I haven’t seen them now for many years…One day one of the girls will stand on my doorstep. She will be in her twenties. We will have a very good relationship. They will find out that I have changed tremendously…it seems that it was more difficult for my girls than for me, living a part…”

Before Chris one day took his motorbike and, left he told me;

“I did not believe in anything when I started but I now realise the full potential of this therapy…it’s been like walking on clouds. I wasn’t sure if it was worth waiting 2 years for this…but now I can honestly tell you that it was worth every second!”

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