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Garden of Souls

Gardening Together

I have not yet met one human being that avoid or despise the garden that their inner mind or higher self enjoy and retreat to during times of pain and suffering. Initially the idea about a garden was offered in order to manipulate the persons mind in to peace and tranquillity. Soon I discovered that every client had a unique garden.

Even in modern psychiatry gardens are used as therapeutic tools. A stressed person from the city might need a tranquil and relaxing garden, whilst the depressed young man, needs something colourful, uplifting and refreshing. Every soul has a hidden garden!

When Mike, the tough Swede, who had lost his best friend and brother, found peace, it was in a place where I sincerely didn’t expect to find him. In a farm of orchids in Thailand, they were sipping cool beers while looking at the creek of water smoothly moving under a bungalow.

Often the Garden of Souls is the place where the client reunites with lost family members and friends. A Swedish woman reunites with her father and grandfather.

“They are waiting for me. There is something cheeky about them, like there always was. They both have their hands behind their backs, almost like they are hiding something. They laugh, and tell me that I don’t need any help. They say I am strong and that I have done so well with the girls. But I need support and strength…”

On other occasions the garden is like an entrance or an invisible worm-hole in to another level in the spiritual world. A guide suddenly took this client to a castle from the past.

“I know this place. There is a man and he doesn’t allow me to leave. I am so scared. Then he rapes me on the bed and kills me….ooohh….”

The Garden of Souls can often provide a natural and relaxing transition for a tired soul returning from physical, sexual and mental abuse.  In such cases the soul is escorted by a healing Master or an assistant to the place of Spiritual Healing.  Many clients have, often unexpectedly even for themselves, independently of each other described how they have been showered with healing light, or even “stitched”. Roxanne is a good example of a soul in desperate need of spiritual healing.

On other more rare occasions a Master might appear and through the subject, like the Queen from Egypt, an astonishing amount of information is suddenly relayed.

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