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Death and Rebirth

Mother and Baby
Miriam was talking about her improvement, but also challenges she had met through her physical illness following the birth of her two children. Miriam is a wonderful young strong woman. She has a very strong sense of integrity and she hates injustice. Recently she told me that a good friend was severely unwell in cancer. Due to this third person I am unable to divulge any more details until July/August 2013.

Miriam was an excellent hypnotherapy candidate, and she easily slipped in to a deep hypnotic stage. Her REM-activity was always tiny, but her experiences was never the less, outstanding and unusual.

“I am sitting by my kitchen table. I feel sad and down. My husband is around in the house.”

“You have a newspaper in front of you on the kitchen table. You can clearly see date and year! Tell me what date it is”, I asked her gently.

”Oh, it’s my son Kevin’s birthday. It’s XXth XXXX, 2013.”

“What is it that makes you feel so down?”

“Emily….she died of her cancer. She is so young.”

”When did that happen?”

”About a week ago.”

Miriam started to cry. Her mascara was slowly floating down her cheeks, creating long and dark lines towards her ears.

”By some reason you are allowed to see this. You are strong and you know that. It gives you time to prepare and look after Emily, every way possible. You can do what is right”, I said, trying to sooth and calm her shaking body.”

”She’s coming back”, Miriam suddenly said.

She started to move her arms upwards, almost like holding something.

“I carry a little child. It’s a boy. It’s Emily”, she said sobbingly whilst she was holding an invisible child towards her chest. It was really strange.

”I can  see her husband further away. He doesn’t understand. It’s so difficult for him. Their child is so young. I can’t tell him anything of this. ”.

By the end of July or early August 2013 you will all be told the truth of what day Emily died, and how Miriam was able to cope with this knowledge. 

Miriam was mentally preparing for the departure of her close friend. She was adamant that it in fact bought her time to do what she feel is most important.

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